Australian Coach Dean Pugh Diagnosed With Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer

Australian coach Dean Pugh has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma lung cancer, and his community is looking for help.

On June 8, Pugh was admitted to the hospital with a collapsed lung. After a procedure to clear the lung of fluid, the doctors determined that he has cancer and will need treatment for it. According to his GoFundMe page, he will be treated with “a mix of radiation, chemo and immunology.”

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), Adenocarcinoma lung cancer is the most common form of a non-small cell lung cancer, which often comes with no symptoms. However, it can cause excessive coughing or wheezing, and spread if left untreated. ACS says that non-small lung cancers, like adenocarcinoma, have a 61% 5-year survival rate.

Pugh is the coordinator for the swimming program for Trinity Lutheran College in Queensland, Australia, which has seen a lot of success in recent years. Most recently, the team placed 3rd at the Associated Private Schools (APS) Championship.

He also coached Australian standouts such as Keryn McMaster, Kieren Carrigan, Mitch Larkin, and George O’Brien over the course of his 25-year career. Both McMaster and Larkin went on to compete at the Olympics, with Larkin winning two medals: a silver and a bronze in 2016.

His GoFundMe page reads: “Many of you know him as Pughy or Coach Dean to me. He is family, my best friend and the best swim coach/mentor I could ever have hoped for. Dean is a man of Courage, he is a true blue Aussie and would do anything for those he loves. Dean has constantly Supported his swimmers and dedicated his whole life to the dreams of his athletes.

On the 8th of June Dean went into hospital for a collapsed lung, later that week Dean was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer.

Right now the fight starts for Dean!
I am looking to Raise money to Support him during this tough time as he has done for everyone else. No one deserves to go backwards when fighting for their life.

Any help is greatly appreciated.”

As of its posting on June 17, Pugh’s GoFundMe page has raised over $10,000 of its $50,000 goal.


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1 year ago

Stay strong Dean!

Corn Pop
1 year ago

His treatment will be largely free if he is treated under Public Health & QLD ‘s system is very good . Why does he need $50,000?

Corn Pop
Reply to  Corn Pop
1 year ago

These GFMs are ridiculous . We already pay high taxes for public health plus thesubsidised option of private treatment .

Reply to  Corn Pop
1 year ago

Maybe income for his family ? Don’t think we should judge honestly

Corn Pop
Reply to  Samesame
1 year ago

Lutherans are practical humanitarians . I really doubt they would cut off an employee’s income stream . My point t is not t o portray ppl undergoing treatment as being incapacitated or paupers. They just need time out .

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