SURGE Strength Dryland Seminar: 5 Reasons to Attend

Have you attended a SURGE Strength Dryland Seminar yet? If you haven’t then be sure to check the date of the next Dryland Seminar. Here’s five reasons you should consider registering for the next one.


5 Reasons to Attend a SURGE Strength Dryland Seminar:


#1 Learn Proper Exercise Technique to Prevent Injuries

Injuries are the worst enemy of progress for a swimmer or swim coach. The best way to reduce the chance of injury is proper technique and progression. However, many swimmers and coaches aren’t fully aware of the technique points for most dryland exercises. Therefore, the threat of injury is compounded as a result greater force production on land than in the water.

When you attend a Dryland Seminar you’ll have individual attention which significantly increases your dryland competence. This will allow you to learn the proper techniques of the most common dryland exercises. And most dryland exercises aren’t complicated. Although, if you don’t know where your focus should be during an exercise it can become dangerous quickly.

At the Dryland Seminar you’ll have multiple Dryland Certified Coaches to illustrate each phase of an exercise and remind you of focus points for when you’re training afterwards. If you gain nothing else learning how to properly perform basic dryland exercise will be well worth your investment.


#2 Individual Athletic Assessment with Customized Function Routine

Crucial information can be gained from an individual’s movement assessments and performance tests. It’s the first step in the on-boarding process for our SURGE Strength Programs. And you’ll get that benefit of having a Dryland Certified Coach walk you through the various assessments and tests. This is a critical part of your dryland training and is often overlooked. As a result of this an athlete may not have the needed movement or strength for a certain exercise. And this is how injuries usually happen.

In addition to the individual results, you’ll get a customized “function routine” that requires minimal equipment. Think of this as a personalized “warm-up” but it’s more than just getting your blood flowing. This function routine will directly address your weaknesses that were found in the testing process. And by focusing on this daily you’ll unlock much more athletic potential, both in water and on land.

This process is where we expect to see a lot of “lightbulb” moments when it comes to athletes unlocking their true potential. Almost never does a swimmer get the advantage of a movement expert, like a Dryland Certified Coach, fully assess their movement and athleticism. And afterwards you’ll have the “answers to the test” when it comes to improving your athleticism and as a result your swimming performance.



#3 Learn Dryland Training Principles & Periodization Strategies

How long you’ve been doing dryland training doesn’t always correlate to how well you’re doing dryland. Many swimmers and coaches don’t understand the foundational dryland training principles that need to be followed. You’ll learn what each one is and how to know if your dryland program is inline with them.

Periodization is especially important to understand whether you’re a coach or swimmer. That’s because even if a swimmer is following along a coach directed program, it’s greatly beneficial if the swimmer better understands the “why” behind the program. This can also be very helpful for a swimmer to better understand how certain phases of the season or training will play out. And if a coach doesn’t understand periodization the workouts will soon revolve around how tired the athletes get instead of how much improvement is actually occurring.

Periodization can also be an intimidating subject because it can quickly go down a deep rabbit hole. At SURGE Strength we’ve always approached teaching dryland as simple as possible. But at the same time we can clearly teach more complex concepts that are hard to grasp.


#4 Options to Attend for Swimmers or Swim Coaches

When we were thinking through how to run the Dryland Seminars there were two different populations we wanted to help. Swimmers need to understand the underlying training principles, even if it’s at a basic level. But most importantly they need to be properly assessed and given specific feedback to help improve their athleticism and strength.

At the same time there are swim coaches worldwide that turn to SURGE Strength when they need dryland help. Coaches need more of a deep dive into how to create and evaluate their dryland program. But it’s very helpful for them to be able to observe a dryland expert, like our Dryland Certified Coaches, as they work with swimmers through dryland progressions.

We think we’ve struck the best balance to best serve both specific groups. Swimmers will be the focus in the seminar and get lots of individual attention. They will also leave with a customized function routine that they can continue to perform at home. This allows improvement to continue beyond the day of the seminar.

While at the same time coaches will benefit from the dryland teachings and observing the work done on the gym floor. Coaches will also get the chance to pick the brains of the Dryland Certified Coaches for a full hour once all the athletes have left the seminar. Attending a Dryland Seminar is the best opportunity for swim coaches wanting help with dryland.


#5 Bonus Offers for Each Dryland Seminar Option

In addition to the intrinsic value of attending the Dryland Seminar both swimmers and coaches will have the opportunity for additional bonuses.

Swimmers attending will have the option to upgrade and receive 4 weeks of dryland programming via app to build on what they learned and experienced at the Dryland Seminar. You’ll essentially get to give your SURGE Strength Dryland Program a “test drive” and know that it’s already customized to you because the same Dryland Certified Coach that worked with you at the Dryland Seminar will be creating your dryland program. This is a great option and ends up being more than a 50% discount than if you were to just start a SURGE Strength Dryland Program.

Coaches on the other hand will get a different but still valuable upgrade option. When registering you’ll have the ability to enroll early to Become SURGE Strength Dryland Certified (SSDC). Open Enrollment to Become SSDC only happens a few times a year, so this is an option to get started sooner without waiting. It also allows you to start learning before you attend the Dryland Seminar. This can give you a higher level of understanding dryland training and make better use of your observations, questions and time.



We hope to see you in-person at the next SURGE Strength Dryland Seminar!









SURGE Strength Dryland Seminar

Dryland Training




SURGE Strength Dryland Seminar

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SURGE Strength Dryland Seminar


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