Youth Olympic Games: All video highlight and live stream links here

The Youth Olympic Games kick off from Nanjing, China this week, and in preparation, we’ve compiled all the live video feeds you’ll need into one place.

The second-ever summer Youth Olympic Games will be broadcast on the Olympics YouTube Channel, which already has event streams set up for each of the first four days of competition along with the opening ceremonies.

The feeds won’t go live until each day’s session begins. Bookmark this page for quick access to live video links of each session, and enjoy the show!

 Opening Ceremonies (Saturday, August 16th)

Day 1 live feed (Sunday, August 17th)

Day 1 highlights (Sunday, August 17th)

Day 2 live feed (Monday, August 18th)

Day 2 highlights (Monday, August 18th)

Day 3 live feed (Tuesday, August 19th)

Day 3 highlights (Tuesday, August 19th)

Day 4 live feed (Wednesday, August 20th)

Day 4 highlights (Wednesday, August 20th)

Day 5 live feed (Thursday, August 21st)

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8 years ago

can someone post the link of the livestream pliz ?

8 years ago

Wish I could have watched. But it is blocked I guess for international reasons. The screen is cut off so can’t tell you specifics. GO USA!

8 years ago

This is very helpful!

Great job, SwimSwam/Jared Anderson!

8 years ago

Would you please post the dates of the completion? Thanks!

Reply to  Jared Anderson
8 years ago


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