You Will Love to Hate Larry Arnold

by Garrett McCaffrey 5

December 18th, 2014 Training, Video

Larry Arnold was a high school swimmer who continued in the pool his freshman year at Nebraska before two National Championship runs with the football team got in the way. He is a gifted athlete, but he’ll tell you that he was very fortunate to have great coaching throughout his youth. Now, he’s returning the favor.

On top of all the exciting things he offers at his gym, Body Kraft in Phoenix, he has been working with Phoenix Swim Club as the Senior 1 strength coach. His approach is based on posture and breathing and his style and creativity has made this simple concept engaging to the athletes.

If you’re interested in learning more from Larry, check him out on instagram (larryarnoldgram), on twitter (@wehatelarry), or his website (

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Stuart Dustan
8 years ago

Very little Mr Arnold is demonstrating or practising is based on any appropriate evidence, specific to swimming.

Evidence exists to show that strength training, for senior swimmers, is not beneficial to their swimming performance. It does not meet the principle of specificity i.e. it is not swimming (you do not perform the movements that you would use in a swimming race).

Although, I appreciate that he claims he is not training swimmers using “traditional” techniques – the techniques will still not transfer into performance improvements in the pool. Only swimming your desired race-technique @ race-pace in training will achieve the latter.

I will mention the paradox which exists in swimming with regards to these sorts of practices.… Read more »

8 years ago

Garrett!!! glad you are back, your vids are the best

Reply to  Garrett McCaffrey
8 years ago

This is the SwimSwam I remember and love! Keep these comming, knowledge is advancement for the entire sport.

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