Watch The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Aquatics Centre Unfold

Tokyo 2020 organizers have released a time lapsed video showing construction progress from October 2017 to March 2018, giving us a glimpse into the structure’s unique undertaking. The primary showpiece of the structure thus far was the actual enormous roof.

With a roof measuring 160 meters long, 130 meters wide and 10 meters thick, while weighing 7,000 tons, the heavy structure was built on the ground using the ‘lift-up method’. At the time this method was first revealed, Taishu Tone, a PR representative for the building said, “By using this method, the construction term can be shortened because we can develop the building and the roof at the same time.”

Once completed, the roof was raised 37 meters in 3 steps until reaching its final position, now providing shelter for construction workers to take a break from the heat or rain.

Construction on the entire Olympic Aquatics Centre is set to be completed in February 2020 and was assessed at 35% complete this past June.

The Olympics Aquatic Centre is situated at the junction of the Heritage Zone and Tokyo Bay Zone in terms of location, with the former section including legacy venues from the Tokyo 1964 Games and the latter serving as a model for futurist urban development.

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“This video is just further evidence as to why the IOC has approved construction as an event in the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad 2024 in Paris.” – Bob the Builder

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