Watch Texas Men Swim Suited 4×25 Free Relay (Race Video)

On Day 2 of their tri-meet (if you didn’t see the race videos from Day 1, click here), the entirety of the Texas, NC State, and Arizona men’s and women’s swimming teams suited up and went off the blocks. They weren’t swimming regular distances, however. For every 200, there was a 150. For every 100, there was a 75. And for the 50? You guessed it. A 25 freestyle. Watch the shorter race videos here.

But even after the regular not-so-regular portion of the meet on Saturday, the Texas men weren’t done. Many of them kept their suits on and did what any logical swimmer would do: organized a 4×25 free relay.

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Lane 4 anchor left a little early

2 Cents

Hmm.. certainly looks that way, but I would argue that if you were going to make this a real event, and they are diving off the deck, then it would have to be not when the feet left the deck, but when they finally completely cross the perpendicular boundary formed by the edge of the pool and the deck. Kind of like the football rule about throwing a forward pass, where you have to be entirely past the line of scrimmage for it to be a penalty. He was definitely off the deck early, but he did jump from a few feet back. This is fun to think about though.


Only logical to do a good old fashioned 4×25 relay. The only next logical step is to do it with underwaters.


Those take offs were a tad dangerous


They laid towels down

Wolves Eating Sheep

Swimmers are athletes too, Horninco!

Ol' Longhorn

Aquatic athletes, not land mammals.

2 Cents

Speak for yourself….

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