Watch: Podium Celebration from Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Press release courtesy of Red Bull. 

POSSUM KINGDOM LAKE, TEXAS – June 2, 2018 – Mexico’s Adriana Jimenez managed to hold off British wildcard competitor Jessica Macaulay to take her second ever win by just 0.1 points in what was the closest women’s final ever. Germany’s Anna Bader completed the podium as temperatures reached 100 degrees at a packed Possum Kingdom Lake, where 12,500 fans gathered on boats, kayaks and paddleboards to watch the world’s most daring divers execute dives from heights of up to 90 feet.

In the men’s competiton, Poland’s Kris Kolanus kicked off Red Bull Cliff Diving’s tenth anniversary with an exceptional display of diving to take his maiden victory at Hell’s Gate in Texas, powering past Michal Navratil of the Czech Republic in second and Blake Aldridge (GBR) who finished in third. Kolanus’s dive in the Final Round was the highest scored dive since the format was changed at the start of the 2017 season.

Neither the men’s nor women’s victories came easy, as Jimenez’s win was the closest margin in the five year history of the Women’s World Series thanks to a series of high-scoring efforts from the 33-year-old’s competitors who left only 0.60 points separating the top four women. For the two-time Texas and Women’s World Series Champion, Rhiannan Iffland (AUS), her fourth place finish was only the second time she’s found herself off the podium in 13 events and the first time she’s started a season without a victory.

Wildcard diver Macaulay was the biggest surprise of the US leg, securing the first ever podium for a female British diver in the World Series in only her second appearance. After her second round stunner from 69 feet, a back-3-somersaults, which broke the record for the highest scoring women’s dive, the 25-year-old completed the 20th women’s event in second place only 0.30 points behind, Germany’s Anna Bader.

In a day full of surprises, the 31-year-old Kolanus opened the season with a sensational victory and added his name to the elite list of event winners to make it 13. Navratil grabbed his second straight podium after the 2017 season final in Chile, while Aldridge made it three podiums in a row at Possum Kingdom Lake.

Quotes from the winners

Adriana Jimenez, MEX

“It was a big surprise and a big challenge as well. I enjoyed it so much and wanted to finish the competition, enjoy the last dive. I didn’t expect the results, because all the girls did amazing. If you look at the scores, there’s nothing in between each other. Anna is my idol since I became a high diver; her style is simply unique. Jessica is very strong and very brave. More girls are coming and they’ll step it up.”

Kris Kolanus, POL

“That was the plan! I came here with my difficult dive list and stuck to my plan. Everything turned out perfectly. It’s the highest score, so that’s nice to hear that but I can still do slightly better, but I’m happy if every competition turns out like this one. I think I have one of the most difficult diving lists, only David has more DD, so if he performs his difficult dives well, then he’ll be ahead. So that’s the recipe.”

Results – Stop #1, Texas | USA


1- Adriana Jimenez (MEX) – 302.20pts

2- Jessica Macaulay (W) (GBR) – 302.10

3- Anna Bader (GER) – 301.80

4- Rhiannan Iffland (AUS) – 301.60

5- Lysanne Richard (CAN) – 264.90

6- Yana Nestsiarava (BLR) – 258.05

7- Ginger Huber (USA) – 250.15

8- Maria Paula Quintero (W) (COL) – 224.60

9- Eleanor Townsend Smart (W) (USA) – 198.20

10- Irlanda Valdez (W) (MEX) – 183.85



1- Kris Kolanus POL – 424.85pts

2- Michal Navratil CZE – 394.90

3- Blake Aldridge GBR – 389.25

4- Andy Jones USA – 384.35

5- Sergio Guzman (W) MEX – 383.00

6- Steven LoBue USA – 379.35

7- Alessandro De Rose ITA – 373.20

8- Gary Hunt GBR – 370.50

9- David Colturi USA – 356.60

10- Jonathan Paredes MEX – 356.05

11- Orlando Duque COL – 338.20

12- Miguel Garcia (W) COL – 338.05

13- Nikita Fedotov (W) RUS – 331.20

14- Kyle Mitrione (W) USA – 259.25

Standings WOMEN (after 1 of 5 stops)

1- Adriana Jimenez (MEX) – 200pts

2- Jessica Macaulay (W) (GBR) – 160

3- Anna Bader (GER) – 130

4- Rhiannan Iffland (AUS) – 110

5- Lysanne Richard (CAN) – 90

6- Yana Nestsiarava (BLR) – 70

7- Ginger Huber (USA) – 60

8- Maria Paula Quintero (W) (COL) – 50

9- Eleanor Townsend Smart (W) (USA) – 40

10- Irlanda Valdez (W) (MEX) – 30


Standings MEN (after 1 of 7 stops)

1- Kris Kolanus POL – 200pts

2- Michal Navratil CZE – 160

3- Blake Aldridge GBR – 130

4- Andy Jones USA – 110

5- Sergio Guzman (W) MEX – 90

6- Steven LoBue USA – 70

7- Alessandro De Rose ITA – 60

8- Gary Hunt GBR – 50

9- David Colturi USA – 40

10- Jonathan Paredes MEX – 30

11- Orlando Duque COL – 20

12- Miguel Garcia (W) COL – 10

13- Nikita Fedotov (W) RUS – 9

14- Kyle Mitrione (W) USA – 8


Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Since 2009, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series has provided a platform for aesthetic free-falls and dives of ever growing complexity, spotlighting the sport’s finest athletes as well as the most promising talents and in 2014 it introduced a Women’s World Series. Celebrating its 10thseason in 2018, this rapidly progressing sport will crown two new champions during seven demanding competitions for the men and five for the women. Between June and September, this pure extreme sport will hit waters in natural and urban environments as well as remote and iconic venues of World Series classics.

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