Watch Cate Campbell’s 50.25 100 Free (SCM) World Record Race


25-year-old Aussie Cate Campbell fired off a new short course 100m freestyle World Record on day 1 of the 2017 Australian Short Course Championships in Adelaide. The Brisbane native crushed a new mark of 50.25 to overtake Swedish star Sarah Sjostrom‘s old WR of 50.58 set just in August of this year.

After the race, C1 couldn’t contain her excitement, stating about herself,”She’s back!” 

The Commercial club swimmer continued, “And it’s exciting, it’s great to be swimming fast. I’ve put together some really good solid weeks of training and I’ve really been working hard. It’s great to see it’s really starting to pay off.

“There were a couple of times (when) I came back into training and I was thinking ‘oh man it’s a long way back.’

“But the body remembers and I’ve been doing this for a long time and taking a year off this year is the best thing I’ve ever done. 

I’ve come back refreshed and I’ve got a new love for the sport, a new perspective and I’m more motivated than ever for the Commonwealth Games.

Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) is swimming incredibly fast and watching her in Budapest, I was very pleased I didn’t gave to line up behind the blocks and race her then, but I’m now feeling a little better about the possibility of racing her in the future again now.

“She broke this world record just a couple of months ago and I was in that race and I was swimming next to her and I breathed and I saw her feet and it was a little demoralising.

“But it’s very motivating at the same time and I’ve been very motivated to get back in and give swimming 100 percent – I don’t feel I’m done with it yet.”

Campbell also won the women’s 50m butterfly final, which was contested in the morning session.

Quotes and video courtesy of Swimming Australia.

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Why do the Austrailians always seem to put more signifigance on the Common Wealth games when the Pan Pacs and World Champs are much more competitive?

The Commonwealth games are a multi-sport event so everyone in the Commonwealth countries hear about them. You have to be a swim fan to follow the Pan Pacs or World Champs. What that means is that the Commonwealth Games have a much higher profile than the other two, so much more prestige for athletes in Commonwealth countries.

Catherine, the event may’ve had prestige 20-30 years ago but your argument struggles to “hold water” these days. Years ago, a CG gold medal could net you a lucrative commercial deal; nowadays even an Olympic gold is far from a guarantee If it is so prestigous to competitors from Comm countries, then why are the fields in T&F so weak/why haven’t we seen the best from African countries at the last 2-3 CGs ? If it is so prestigous, why aren’t the swimmers in the NCAA system prioritising it over NCAA championships ? You won’t be seeing Joe Schooling and the CAN team is minus its NCAA swimmers Why won’t the top road cyclists from Comm countries be riding CGs… Read more »

The commonwealth games are in Australia next year, and for Cate and a large majority of the swimmers in the state they grew up in. This could add to their reasoning

To a large part very true, and also the TV network that has the broadcast rights for swimming also has the rights to 2018 CG …… so they pump it up as much as they can. This might sound strange but probably one of the best things that could happen for AUS swimming would be for the sport to lose “free to air” TV coverage of National Titles/Trials. MAYBE it will need AUS swimmers getting their collective hindquarters severely kicked at PPs, to go with the major dose of humility dished out at Worlds; to finally register that in the real world scheme of things’ CommGames are a junk event. Yes, some of them may ‘swim the lights out’ at… Read more »

Think you are going a bit over the top there, if you recall that the Aussie swimmers performed quite well in the World championship prior to the Olympics.


Rob, they most certainly did perform well in Kazan …. which quite possibly contributed to some over confidence going into Rio. But that was not what I was specifically referring to. Their two most recent “Championship” meets (Rio & Barcelona) were savage reality checks.


That stroke– truly gorgeous! Pure puissance. And she hasn’t been lazy during the difficult post-Rio time– note the improved underwaters. Even her stroke (notably on the backhalf) looks a bit more relaxed and in control. Inspiring.

crooked donald

Anything — thrashing in a barrel of water — would look more relaxed and in control than her last 25 meters at Rio. Just watched that again. Ouch.

I’ve said it so many times, but I’ll say it again. Cate Campbell is the single most talented female sprinter I’ve ever seen. She looked like she was swimming a 200 free up to 75m – Her stroke epitomises efficiency; Distance covered per stroke is insane, her kick just does not faulter in the slightest, her hips stay high. Even her turns are pretty good for such a tall woman. If this woman never wins an Individual Olympic gold, it will be a travesty.

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Loretta Race

Loretta grew up outside Toledo, OH, where she swam age group and high school. Graduating from Xavier University, she stayed in the Cincinnati, OH area and currently resides just outside the city in Northern KY.  Loretta got back into the sport of swimming via Masters and now competes and is …

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