Washington Club CAAT Becomes the Seattle Metropolitan Aquatic Club

What was formerly known as the Central Area Aquatic Team (CAAT) has resurfaced as the Seattle Metropolitan Aquatic Club (SMAC). The club has undergone recent and significant growth and change in terms of coaching staff and team size, and has also added additional locations to accommodate their progressions.

Changes have been going on this spring in the wake of sexual abuse allegations against former KING Aquatic Club CEO Sean Hutchison. In April, four coaches from KING switched over to SMAC, along with over 100 swimmers.

This spurred on the decision to expand SMAC’s capabilities as a high-performance club. With the new coaches and swimmers on board, SMAC added four practice pool locations (Evergreen Pool, Kent-Meridian Pool, Mercer Island Beach Club, Newport Hills Swim Club), as well as expanding hours at existing practice pools (at Seattle University and Mercerwood Shore Club). Tommy Cunningham, Keith Ure, Tomas Mendez, and Bill Inglis joined the coaching staff from KING. Kenneth Spencer is the current head coach with SMAC.

SMAC has been around in the Seattle area for many years and will extend from the central Seattle area to South King County with these expansions. The team size has also more than doubled with these changes.

SMAC debuted under its new team name and logo at the Mel Zajac Jr. and Apple Capital meets the weekend of June 1st.

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ernie and bert



Lol not the best acronym, but I guess there are worse.

Cris Santos

Here’s the reality of what happened…. when Ariana came forward with her accusations,, Ken Spencer engaged with his former colleagues at king, and the former Booster club at king… ( there is a paper trail of emails on the laptops of the former booster members). The discussion started long before the above mentioned coaches resigned,, long before! In these emails it was very apparent of what the goal was- destroy king and take as many king swimmers as possible, as well as the pools that king was operating out of. This was collusion with malice- has to make you wonder about the clowns who planned it out…king is moving forward- completely fresh start.. about the swimmers and giving them the… Read more »


The pools that dropped KING did so on their own accord, as did the coaches, the swimmers and their families. I personally resigned because KING to me now represents child abuse and lies. That’s really all it comes down to.


Really Adam? You shouldn’t cast stones while living in a glass house!

Attention seeker

Ha good ol club drama… Not gonna lie, most of the country doesn’t care about your drama and your bitterness towards coaches who left your team. Coaches have every right to leave teams (and sounds like they left a team with a lot of baggage… I would want to leave that mess too and people like you).

And you aren’t really convincing anybody that you are moving forward with posts like this. But I guess I’m just as bad since I actually wasted time posting a reply on something like this. But I’m moving forward with a fresh start…after this comment! (I added an exclamation point to the end of mine too… makes me feel important!)

Julian Assange

Your booster club gets laptops? (And just cause I’m that type of person, it’s not really a paper trail then is it?)

C hanson

i don’t really care about this side of things. But I am curious to know about any changes king implemented since Ariana came forward? Any new/updated policies? Has King taken any action to prevent future victims? Any educational opportunities discussing sexual assuault/grooming?


Tomas Mendez left KING in August 2017 to coach college full time before joining CAAT in April 2018.

PNS Parent

Yeah to bad he was actively recruiting swimmers to join CAAT/SMAC after joining in direct violation of USA Swimming rules by personally contacting and through proxy by the use of ex King Swimmers. So sad, just let the Kids swim.

Former pnw

Tomas is one of the nicest and most caring people I know. He is an amazing coach and truly cares about the people in his life. I am grateful for his friendship and know that our friendship has helped me become a better person.

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Karl Ortegon

Karl Ortegon studied sociology at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT, graduating in May of 2018. He began swimming on a club team in first grade and swam four years for Wesleyan.

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