Vladimir Morozov Breaks 100 IM World Record In Chartres


After failing to earn a medal at the Olympic Games in Rio, Russian Vladimir Morozov kicked off the World Cup Tour with a bang in Chartres, breaking the world record in the 100 IM with a time of 50.60.

That swim breaks the previous record held by Germany’s Markus Deibler, set back at the 2014 Short Course World Championships at 50.66. Morozov won silver behind Deibler in that race going 50.81. His previous best time stood at 50.77 from the Vladimir Salnikov Cup in Saint Petersburg, less than two weeks after those World Championships.

Here’s a look at a split comparison from Deibler’s world record swim, Morozov’s previous best and his new world record set today:

That swim gives Morozov two gold medals on the day 1 of the meet, as he already dominated the field in the 100 freestyle going 45.57, just off his best time of 45.51, also set back at the 2014 Worlds.

Morozov was one of the Russian athletes initially banned from competing in Rio at the Olympics for doping implications, as he was mentioned in the McLaren report for suspected ‘disappearing positive tests’. He was reinstated just as the other athletes were, but didn’t appear on the top of his game in Rio. Now swimming short course, Morozov is clearly back in peak form.

Along with the prize money for winning an event, Morozov also earns an extra 20 points and a $10,000 bonus check for breaking a world record.

Morozov will also swim the 50 free, 50 back and 100 breast tomorrow in Chartres.



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Cool, he’s back on the meldonium.


Nah, he’s clean 🙂

Steven Latham

What new Russian wonder drug is he taking? Fails to perform in Rio and after 2 weeks of partying etc he goes 45 and breaks a world record.
Every one of his performances will be suspect to me from here on out


He’s a 25m pool man.


Strange how not being booed every time you walk out on deck can affect your performance isn’t it?


Your a jobber


Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries


How does this comment get approved?


Maybe Braden likes Monty Python

Mike Berkowsky

No doubt, Once a drug cheat always a drug cheat. How is he still allowed to compete?? How many positive tests did he have hidden??
Once again he is taking money away from swimmers that are clean and untainted.
Vlad you are a drug cheat, plain and simple.


It couldn’t just be that he’s an amazing short course swimmer?


The presumption now, supported by FINA and even WADA, seems to be that it’s fine to take anything that is not explicitly on the banned list, regardless of the type of compound or it’s intended medical indications. Anything not yet on the banned list is fair game. In my mind, the only solution to this problem is to stop using a “banned substance list,” and start using a “permitted substance list.” Anything not on the permitted list would be illegal, with athletes having the ability to appeal if they can prove a prior medical diagnosis that resulted in a prescription from a physician. It’s not a perfect solution & could still be abused, but at least it puts a little… Read more »


Any interesting idea. But couldn’t it devolve into a global competition for control of strategic resources needed to produce the permitted substsnces? As well, wada would then have to run near infinite tests on samples to check for the non-permitted.


There are probably some scientific hurdles, but I’m sure they could be worked around. As far as global control of the resources, the PED market is probably a very tiny fraction of the total pharmaceutical market, so I don’t think that would be an issue. The idea behind the permitted substances is to only allow medically necessary pharmaceuticals, or supplements and nutrients that have been pre-approved.


By the way, I agree that Vlad’s performance improvement since the Olympics is due to his being a better short-course swimmer.


Some superfast times going on
Some Ukranian girl just missed the 200 back WR


Zevina I’m guessing?

2.00.81 in SC pool 3 years ago – Big LC pb this summer so a drop is in the tank!


Correct. 59.6-59.7 for 1:59.3, just missing Hosszu’s WR.

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