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Practice + Pancakes: How to Train at an Elite Level with a Full-Time Job

Wyatt now lives in Albuquerque doing research in his field of study full-time. He still loves swimming, and is looking to qualify for a 3rd Olympic Trials


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Michael Chadwick, Lia Neal, David Marsh, & More Workshop Kendyl Stewart’s Start

During my filming with Team Elite, Kendyl Stewart was working on her start… let me rephrase that. Most of Team Elite was working on Kendyl Stewart’s start.


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Practice + Pancakes: Morozov, Balandin, Hansson (and More) Worlds Taper at USC

I ended up at the University of Southern California, catching the end of a taper practice with some of their postgrads who were gearing up for World Champs


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Practice + Pancakes: Team Elite Starts Taper for World Champs, Pan Ams

With World Championships and Pan American Games both on the horizon, that means one thing for elite athletes: taper time.

Practice + Pancakes: Michael Andrew Goes Surfing, Trains Overspeed

Less than a week out from Andrew leaving for the World Champs training camp in Singapore, we caught him on a normal training day.

Practice + Pancakes: Texas Men Taper Practice for WUGs

The main WUG group included John Shebat, Austin Katz, Dean Farris, Tate Jackson, Jeff Newkirk, and Townley Haas (World Champs)

Beyond the Pancakes: How Indiana Post Grads Train in the Weight Room (Video)

There are hundreds of philosophies on how to optimally train a swimmer in the pool. There might be more theories on how best to train them outside the pool.

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Practice + Pancakes: Zane Grothe Goes the Distance… Kick

Depending on your kicking proficiency, interval bases ranged from 1:45-1:30. The exception: Zane Grothe, who did it all straight through on a 1:25 base.

With 1:54.3 200 Fly, Urlando Becomes Fastest American Since Phelps in Rio

this gives us perspective on just how much swim fans were spoiled by Phelps’ dominance and skill in his pet event.

Ray Looze Explains How Cory Chitwood Will Integrate into IU Coaching (Video)

While in Bloomington, SwimSwam sat down with IU head coach Ray Looze to ask about how IU would integrate their new coaches into the already successful culture.

Practice + Pancakes: IU Breaststroke Clinic

We went to go film their practice the day after the meet, admittedly expecting to get more of a laid back, recovery type of practice. Lucky for us, Indiana doesn’t really do “that kind of thing”.

Practice + Pancakes: Battle for the Chipotle Gift Card

We’ve all been in the place after your spring taper meet, but either before or during spring break. One day you could have the best practice of your career, going in-practice (or even lifetime) bests from a push, and the next day you could feel like you were hit by a bus that untaught you how to swim. That’s where we are for this practice with the Clippers.

Practice + Pancakes: Louisville Cardinals Crush Monster Kick Set

When I came to a cardinal practice on Friday April 26, the team was right in the middle of their finals. Rest assured, they were grinding as hard in the pool as they were outside of it

Practice + Pancakes: Paige Madden WUG Set

This workout was written for Paige Madden, who in preparation for World University Games this summer, didn’t take significant time off after a breakout NCAA’s.

Practice + Pancakes: Behind the Scenes of the TYR Derby Pro Swim

The TYR Derby Pro Swim isn’t just a swim meet – it’s a swimming experience.

Beyond the Pancakes: How Does Todd DeSorbo Train Sprinters?

Training sprinters to be as fast as they possibly can comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and philosophies. For UVA head coach Todd DeSorbo, it means going as fast as you can. All the time. 

Practice + Pancakes: Jack Conger Topples Todd DeSorbo Power Set

As reported late last year, Jack Conger is now training with Todd DeSorbo in Charlottesville. Since hearing of the news, I think most swim fans have wanted to see what that looks like from a training perspective.

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