VIDEO: Rowdy Gaines to direct 30 Central Florida YMCA locations, modeling program after SwimMAC

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Perhaps best-known right now as the voice of televised swimming, Olympic gold medalist and International Swimming Hall of Fame member Rowdy Gaines is now set to impact the sport in a new way. The 55-year-old Gaines announced over the weekend that he has been named Vice President of Aquatics for the Central Florida YMCA, overseeing 30 different facilities  in the Orlando area.

Gaines gives plenty more details in the three-and-a-half minute video above, but one notable theme is that Gaines intends to model the Central Florida program after David Marsh‘s SwimMAC Carolina club, perhaps forming another “super-club” in the Orlando area.

After spending the weekend covering the men’s NCAA Championships for ESPN3, Gaines expressed excitement to get involved with the sport in a new way than through the press box he’s manned for every major televised competition the past decade. Check out the full video for more thoughts from Gaines moving forward, plus the major goals for his new club system.

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Academy Parent
As a parent of 2 swimmers and going from a small team into a larger one – I can say to those who are throwing around negative comments about the Bullets or any other large team with multiple sites, don’t judge until you know full details about said teams. My kids wear their Bullets gear proudly and love being a part of this team. We have been on other teams and Bullets strive very hard to make everyone feel like they are apart of the team, regardless of abilities. There are always opportunities for every swimmer to compete and train. The team philosophy from the day 1 has always been ONE TEAM. The coaches, swimmers and parents ALL support this… Read more »
Before my small old team ever merged with Bullets, I always thought that these were the closest friends and coaches I’ll ever have for a one site team. Of course, I was wrong. Our old team merged with the Academy Bullets and I can tell you that this was the best decision in my swimming career so far. As practices began with the new coach for our site, it was a huge step for all my friends and myself. Our site coach, Jeremy, educated us not only in swimming but individually seeing why we are made of. As an elite swimmer, I’ve drastically improved my swimming not only because of Jeremy, but because of my friends all over the Bullets… Read more »

The Academy Bullets Swim Club is the closest swim team in Illinois. You are all speaking to the swimmers themselves. No matter what you say, my best friends and I will stick up for our team because we cannot stand the ignorance of all of the outsiders. I invite you to follow any of us on social media to see how much we correspond and tell us, then, that we do not even know one another.


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