VIDEO: ODAC Competitors Team up for Birthday Swim After Dual Meet

Bridgewater College and Randolph College, both members of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference, put aside their rivalry to give a Bridgewater swimmer a “Birthday Swim” after their dual meet on November 4th. Bridgewater College practices the age-old swimming tradition of “Birthday Swims”, where the birthday boy or girl swims a lap while the rest of the team lines up along the side and make waves. According to Bridgewater head coach Gwynn Harrison, one of her women’s swimmers approached the Randolph team at the end of the meet to ask if they would help make waves. Harrison also says she likes this “really great example of sportsmanship between 2 ODAC teams”.

Randolph has revived it’s women’s team after nearly 10 years this season, and added a men’s for the first time ever, while Bridgewater is debuting their first-ever men’s team this season as well.

The team facebook lived a video of the swim:

Posted by Bridgewater College Swimming on Saturday, November 4, 2017

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