VIDEO: Lochte, Feigen, Conger, Bentz On Security Cam Footage From Rio

The above video is courtesy of ABC News.

From our full report here:

An Associated Press report says Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz have confirmed that the story of a gunpoint robbery in Rio was fabricated.

Conger and Bentz were with Jimmy Feigen and Ryan Lochte early Sunday morning when Lochte said they were robbed at gunpoint.

But Brazilian police have alleged that no robbery took place, but that the four were involved in an altercation at a gas station that led to damages to the gas station bathroom.

Conger and Bentz were pulled off of their airplane home from Rio to speak to police about the incident. And now the Associated Press is reporting that the two confirmed that the robbery story was made up.

According to the AP report, Lochte first lied about the robbery when speaking to his mother. She then told the story to reporters, which is when the story became widely reported in the media.

Brazilian police say the swimmers stopped at the gas station to use the bathroom, but broke the door upon finding it locked. There are allegations of other damages to the bathroom as well. The swimmers were confronted by a security guard who was armed, though there are conflicting reports as to whether or not he took out his gun while dealing with the swimmers. You can read several of the differing accounts here.

Lochte is currently back in the United States, while the other three remain in Brazil until the situation is resolved.

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I’m not quite sure what to make of it, except that it’s very obvious that they were at a gas station. Did they go to the bathroom? Yes. Did they damage it? Can’t be sure. Clearly someone made them get out of the car. An assailant, or angry security guard? Can’t be sure. Was there a gun? It was off screen. One swimmer did have his hands up at the end, which could suggest there was a gun. Or maybe just that there was another type of altercation and he wanted to show he meant no harm. Someone in another thread noted that they were moved out of range of the camera. Coincidence? Or a sign that whoever took them… Read more »
Okay, so that was me and this is what I’ve posted: Well, I’ll go on record that you still haven’t earned an apology, by my book. In fact, you may be the one having to do a lot of apologizing in the end. I’ll reiterate what I posted earlier. If any of the below is not true or correct, I’m eager to have it pointed out to me: So to recount: 1. No video proof of damage by the swimmers. 2. Video proof that corroborates Lochte’s story – he raised his hands and you CANNOT see what the “security” office is doing off camera. 3. No video proof that the swimmers were “joking around” as purported by Brazilian authorities upon… Read more »
Scott Morgan

Your last statement goes both ways. Where was Lochte with his friends and teammates? What a guy….fabricating a lie and bragging about being all tough at gun point–total self-aggrandizement–at the expense of his teammates. Then he skips town and arrives stateside with lawyer already in action while his teammates are pulled off planes. He’s an embarrassment, as well as toxic teammate.

That has NOTHING to do with self-aggrandizement. People respond to stress situations differently. Maybe he felt that if he didn’t stand up for himself, things could deteriorate quickly. He raised his hands just like he said he did. He never “skipped” town. They never asked him to not leave the country. He was, in fact, briefly interrogated by the police. So brief, that even he was surprised how casually the entire thing was handled. The warrant was issued AFTER he arrived stateside. With all the corruption in Brazil, you would be an IDIOT to not lawyer up. His teammates DIDN’T have to be pulled of planes. If Brazilian authorities simply wanted to ask them questions (remember, they were not listed… Read more »
Scott Morgan

Deep breath, Sir. You impute a lot of motives by both the Brazilian officials, as well as Lochte himself–things you can’t possibly know. You also evoke a number of maybes. I feel Lochte’s embellishments and inconsistencies of statement constitute an outright embarrassment for the team and a distinct lack of team solidarity. I disagree with you.

Scott, let’s cut to the chase. Have you seen the full footage video. Try that, before you’re ready to judge a man’s character and ruin his career on the basis of VERIFIABLY FALSE allegations by corrupt Brazilian officials. I will ask you: What happened here? And if vandalism was involved, why weren’t the police involved? And since when do “security” guards go waving their guns at Americans if they’re simply questioning them? I await your response. However, I will say this. If I’m Ryan Lochte, I’m feeling pretty f***** betrayed by the very community who, so easily and on the turn of a dime, claimed to respect & admire me all these years. After this incident, Lochte’s gone from… Read more »

I think you meant to reply to someone else. My comment (and comments) have been mostly neutral, or if anything giving the swimmers the benefit of the doubt.

I agree. That video shows absolutely nothing.

Also, why does it show them walking forward with their hands up at the end? It just so happens to be out of view of what’s going on, but the gas station obviously has cameras all around based on the views we have seen.

Feigen had his hands up and reaching for his wallet at the beginning. A classic shakedown.

Confirms no robbery. Confirms no policy stop. Confirms they lied.


full video confirmed there was something that looked like a robbery. No fight, guys just were get out of the car with one of them raised his hands up. Then they were put on the ground. Other guys pointing at them with something that might look like a gun and then swimmers gave them their belongings. It does look like a robbery because we don’t see any fight or aggressive behavior on the video.

Smh these young bloods snitchn’

Who is going to apologize to David Marsh? There were a bunch of people who criticized him for not confirming the story?


For the 1000th time Davis Marsh was the woman’s Olympic team coach. He is not Lochte’s agent or spokesperson, nor the spokesperson for the men. Why were people expecting him to comment on, confirm or deny the story?

Marsh is head coach of MAC, the team Lochte has trained with since 2013.

I suppose that kind of makes him Lochte’s coach.

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