VIDEO: How former Yale swimmer Siphiwe Baleka revolutionized truck driving fitness

FOX Sports Live put together the video above, an interesting look at how one former Yale swimmer overcame adversity in his athletic career, only to change the game entirely for the profession of truck driving.

Siphiwe Baleka (who swam in the 1990s under the name Tony Blake) has a winding story, full of ups, downs and unexpected turns. You can only get the true extent of the story from the 7-minute video, but Baleka was a standout Yale Bulldog who narrowly missed becoming the first African-American to make the U.S. Olympic swim team in 1992. Missing the cut by less than a second, Baleka traveled the world, changed his name, then returned to the United States to change the world of truck driving with a new fitness program designed specifically for the unique lifestyle of professional truck drivers.

Baleka is now back in the water, competing as a Masters swimmer since 2011. The full video is above, courtesy of FOX Sports Live on YouTube.

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5 years ago

That was awesome.

ACC D1 Swimmer
5 years ago

Now THAT was an amazing story.

5 years ago

Yes! Great story.
It would be interesting to know what event(s) he swam. I´m having a hard time finding him in the ´92 trials results. Probably a distance guy, no?
One thing for sure is that Mel Stewart Ledecky´d the 200 Fly!

Reply to  jiggs
5 years ago

He missed trials by .8 according to the video. He was a 100 freestyler.

Reply to  Hulk Swim
5 years ago

Yeah, that´s what you would think, 100 free. Josh Davis missed by that amount for example. I just don´t see any Tony Blake or Anthony Blake or anybody from Yale on the list.
The truck driving part made me think he likes the distance.

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