USA Swimming Zone Select Camp rosters released

USA Swimming has announced rosters for its 2014 Zone Select Camps, bringing together rising age group athletes from within each zone to work with the some of the area’s standout coaches.

The four zones (Central, Southern, Eastern and Western) each bring in 28 boys and 28 girls to fill the camp’s swimmer roster, with 8 coaches and one older athlete serving on the coaching staff.

Below are the staff rosters. Note that the swimmer staff representatives for each zone are Carsten Vissering (Eastern), Katie Drabot (Central), Brett Ringgold (Southern) and Justin Lynch (Western). A prominent college coach heads up each staff, including UMBC’s Chad Cradock, Cincinnati’s Matt Ense, Louisville’s Arthur Albiero and ASU’s Dan Kesler.


Chad Cradock – UMBC Site Director
Lauren Hancock – Conejo Simi Swim Club Head Coach
Julie Smiddy – AK Sharks Head Manager
Jeffrey Kincaid – Southeastern Virginia Aquatics Assistant Manager
Mark Danin – Islander Aquatics Assistant Coach
Michael Kraeuter – Blue Wave Swim Team Assistant Coach
Brandt Nigro  – Cheshire Y Swim Club Assistant Coach
Stevie Posegay  – North Baltimore Aquatic Club Assistant Coach
Carsten Vissering – Nations Capital Swim Team Athlete


Matt Ense – University of Cincinnati Site Director
Matt Sprang – Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club Head Coach
Jamie Bloom – Westfield YMCA Wave Head Manager
Preston Parrish – Carmel Swim Club Assistant Manager
Scott Berry – Razorback Aquatic Club Assistant Coach
Mike Davidson – Solon Stars Swim Club Assistant Coach
Heather Fort – Waves Bloomington/Normal Y Assistant Coach
Krista Kezbers – Extreme Aquatic Team Assistant Coach
Katie Drabot – Ozaukee Aquatics OZ Athlete


Arthur Albiero – University of Louisville Site Director
Blaine Carlson – Waukesha Express Swim Team Head Coach
Emily Kowalski – Cardinal Community Swim Club Head Manager
Jeff Jones – Lakeside Aquatic Club Assistant Manager
Paulette Butterfield – Bulldog Aquatic Club Assistant Coach
Justin Correia – Southwest Stars Swim Club Assistant Coach
Matt Webber – Huntsville Swim Association Assistant Coach
Beth Winkowski – Dynamo Swim Club Assistant Coach
Brett Ringgold – North Texas Nadadores Athlete


Dan Kesler – Arizona State University Site Director
Derek Howorth – Alamo Area Aquatic Association Head Coach
Russ Van Cleave – Oakdale Aquatics Head Manager
Heather Thomas – Redmond Aquatic Club Assistant Manager
Billy Doughty – Davis Aquadarts Assistant Coach
Gina Duncan – JCC Waves Assistant Coach
Dan Greaves – Neptune Swimming Assistant Coach
Gordy Westerberg – Vipers of Albuquerque Swim Team Assistant Coach
Justin Lynch – Terrapins Swim Team Athlete

You can find the swimming rosters here:

Eastern Zone roster

Central Zone roster

Southern Zone roster

Western Zone roster

The Zone Select Camps will take place in late May, with each camp being hosted at the University its collegiate coach hails from:

*Central Zone May 22- 25, 2014 *University of Cincinnati *Cincinnati, OH
Southern Zone May 22- 25, 2014 University of Louisville Louisville, KY
Eastern Zone May 29- June 1, 2014 UMBC Baltimore, MD
Western Zone May 29- June 1, 2014 ASU Tempe, AZ

 More info can be found on the USA Swimming page here.

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Swim Mom
6 years ago

I like that USA Swimming includes a National Junior Team athlete at each camp. What good experience for them and also nice for the younger athletes to have a peer at the camp. When my swimmer went to the same camp several years ago he said that one of his favorite things was the presentation and Q & A by the NJT athlete…

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