USA Swimming Investigated Hutchison/Kukors In 2010, Statement Confirms

A statement from USA Swimming this morning confirms that the federation received a tip and conducted an investigation into an allegedly inappropriate relationship between coach Sean Hutchison and National Team swimmer Ariana Kukors in 2010.

USA Swimming says it became aware of a rumored relationship between the two based on information from a third party. The federation says it conducted an investigation with a private investigator that included interviews with Hutchison, Kukors and Kukors’ sister Emily. All three “unequivocably” denied the existence of a sexual or romantic relationship at the time, according to USA Swimming.

With the alleged victim (Kukors) denying the complaint, USA Swimming says it had “no basis to conclude that a Code of Conduct violation occurred, and the case was closed.”

Kukors’ attorney Bob Allard confirmed that early investigation. He says the investigation interviewed Kukors, who, “because she was in the midst of an abusive relationship, denied that she was in a relationship with [Hutchison].”

Kukors went public yesterday with allegations that Hutchison began “grooming” her at the age of 13 and sexually abusing her at the age of 16, all while he was her coach. USA Swimming’s full statement on the matter is below:

Ariana Kukors’ recent public statement marked the first time USA Swimming learned of the allegations that Sean Hutchison sexually abused Ariana when she was a minor. Our hearts go out to Ariana and the difficulty she has gone through to reach this point of disclosure. We fully support her in her case for answers and justice and applaud her courage in sharing her story in an effort to empower victims and protect athletes.
“In 2010, USA Swimming became aware of a rumored relationship between Hutchison and then 21-year-old Ariana via a third-party. Based on the information, USA Swimming retained an independent private investigator and conducted a full investigation into the rumor and the possible Code of Conduct violation.
“During the USA Swimming investigation, both Ariana and Hutchison, as well as Ariana’s sister, Emily, unequivocally denied the existence of a romantic or sexual relationship.
“With the denials from both parties, the investigation provided no basis to conclude that a Code of Conduct violation occurred, and the case was closed. Hutchison left coaching shortly thereafter but remains a member of USA Swimming as the owner of a member club based in Seattle.
“In January 2018, USA Swimming was notified of a Center for Safe Sport case regarding Hutchison and we have proactively sent over the 2010 case file to aid their investigation and support in any possible way.
“Over the last several years, Ariana has worked with USA Swimming as on-camera talent in its digital productions and has truly become a member of the family. We stand by her, and all other victims, in their quest to break their silence and confront their horrific experiences.”

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That is an impressive statement from USA swimming just released.

If “retain(ing) an independent private investigator and conduct(ing) a full investigation” consisted of interviewing the three people mentioned, I don’t think USA Swimming hired a very good private investigator.

USA Swimming does nothing and does not want to get involved. One of our local coaches has been reported to USA swimming for verbally abusing swimmers on multiple occasions. The USA swimming employee said she could not get involved because she was the coaches former swimmer.

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