USA Open Water Swimming World Championships Roster Set

It was clear at the USA Swimming Open Water National Championships last month that Alex Meyer, Sean Ryan, Andrew Gemmell, Christine Jennings, Becca Mann and Haley Anderson would be swimming the open water events in Barcelona – what wasn’t entirely clear was what events they would swim.  Of course Meyer, Ryan, Jennings and Mann would swim the 10K; and Gemmell and Anderson would be in the 5K events. But the selection criteria left the door open with regard to the second event they may choose, ans well as who would swim the 25km races, and so Jordan Wilimovsky and Evan Fabian were added to the roster. This is what the team looks like for Barcelona:

Haley Anderson: 5K

Eva Fabian: 25K

Andrew Gemmell: 5K

Christine Jennings: 10K & 25K

Becca Mann: 5K & 10K

Alex Meyer: 10K & 25K

Sean Ryan: 5K & 10K

Jordan Wilimovsky: 25K

Bet that’s not all these athletes may be swimming, several will be contenders for spots in the pool following the world championship team trials later this month in Indianapolis. Keep an eye on Gemmell who swam the 1500 in at the London Olympics and Haley Anderson, Becca Mann are also likely to be in the hunt for a pool swim in Barcelona.

Note that both winners of the premier 10km swim, Meyer and Jennings, chose to go long. The water temperatures, though, should be much cooler in Barcelona than they were two years ago in Shanghai, which left so many swimmers scratching or failing to finish the 25km race.


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8 years ago

So is it 6 or 8?

8 years ago


jean Michel
8 years ago

Great team .

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