US National Team Swimmers Asked If They’ve Ever Peed in the Pool

by Davis Wuolle 27

July 10th, 2013 News

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8 years ago

You should put an warning telling this video is open only for US Territory.I receive:The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

Reply to  DDias
8 years ago

DDias is extremely disappointed.

Reply to  DDias
8 years ago

A warning*

jean Michel
8 years ago

Not available in my country too ! But u know what guys ? i don’t care ……hehehe

8 years ago


8 years ago

Same problem for me. I guess I’ll never know if Biesel has peed in the pool.

Matt Salzberg
8 years ago

Everyone pees in the pool. As long as they do the solo walk to the flags, and not pee on my leg, I could care less. That is until we reach critical pee limit, and South Park has all shown us what happens next..

FYI.. Peeing in the pool is a physiologic response to being in the water. The increased pressure on your body from the water (as compared to air) increases your fluid volume in circulation. One (of many) mechanisms to remove excess fluid from circulation is a peptide called Brain Natriuretic Peptide, BNP, (actually released in the heart), that likely along with its counterpart Atrial NP causes the kidney to “filter” out more water reducing the circulating volume,… Read more »

Larry Douglas Baskin
Reply to  Matt Salzberg
8 years ago

I thought so…

Reply to  Matt Salzberg
8 years ago

How do you know all that? You a doctor? I’m impressed.

8 years ago

Studies have shown that this, if done in the ocean, can attract sharks and may have even led to white shark attacks!

Reply to  Sharkbait
8 years ago

For real?

8 years ago

Matt McLean had me rolling! LOL HAHA.

8 years ago

Cannot be viewed in my country