Updated: Hungarian OLY Trials Now Postponed; Some Athletes Will Auto-Qualify

We reported yesterday how the 2020 Hungarian Olympic Trials were still proceeding as scheduled for  Tuesday, March 24th – Saturday, March 28th, despite the nation being declared a state of emergency.

However, as with most things coronavirus-related, the situation changes seemingly every hour, with the Hungarian meet indeed now postponed, per the country’s swimming federation’s (Magyar Úszó Szövetség, MUSZ) announcement today.

“Based on the decision of the Hungarian Association’s Board of Directors, in view of the epidemiological situation caused by the coronavirus, the meet on 24-28 March 2020, will be postponed to a date to be determined,” read the Instagram post dated today, Monday, March 16th. (Google Translated)

However, unique to Hungary is the fact that its national coach Csaba Sos will soon be announcing a list of swimmers who will be deemed protected, meaning that they will be eligible for the Olympic Games regardless of not competing at a Trials meet. This list will be announced on March 28th.

There is nothing noted at this time regarding the criteria for making the ‘qualified list’, but one has to assume it’s a combination of World Championships qualification, times earned since OLY qualification period began, etc.

The 2020 European Swimming Championships are also still on schedule for Budapest, May 11th – May 24th.

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1 year ago

Probably a list that looks like this
1. Kristof Milak
2. Cristof Mylak
3. Kristof Milac
4. Krystof Milak
5. Crystof Milak
6. Kcristof Milack
7. Katinka
8. Lazlo Cseh (i always feel a bit bad for this guy since he was always one upped by phelps)

Reply to  Khachaturian
1 year ago

Probably the butterfly girl too

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  Khachaturian
1 year ago

Cue Yozhik for #7.

Reply to  Khachaturian
1 year ago

Or Lochte.

Coaches Kid
1 year ago

You forgot Daniel Sos…. his dad won’t allow a team to emerge without his name being on it. 😉👍

1 year ago

I heard that’s a fair decision to make, as other athletes who couldn’t leave the US but still trained 4 years to make the team are now completely out of the team.

1 year ago

If I am correct, the protected swimmers will be the ones with the two best times per event that are also under the A-cut. All times are eligible since last year’s Nationals. At least that was the system he announced previously, it might change due to the current situation tho.

Reply to  CHEEBA
1 year ago

He doesn’t want to change it as I see and this is the worst decision for the swimmers. His opinion about a Nats was extramundane so what we hope for about him.
Postponing the Nats is/was the only good idea but IMHO only with postponing the qualification time, too.
The Europian Championships hasn’t cancelled or postponed, yet. Why we can’t wait? Or arrenge the Nats in June for qualification.

Reply to  CHEEBA
1 year ago

Too hasty decision. This may maximize medals but far from being fair. What if the Olympics has to move to 2021? Then either the team were based on 2019 times or they have to change selection criteria again.

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