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Master The Seated Cable Row for Your Swim Strength Program

The first exercise in the progression is a Seated Cable Row. This exercise allows athletes that struggle to pull their own weight to progress safely towards the pullup.

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Master the The Pullup for Your Swim Strength Program

You are about to master the Pullup. If you have followed the progression to this point, you are in a good place to perform pullups without any help.

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Learn the Assisted Chinup for Your Swim Strength Program

The Assisted Chinup progresses the body weight pull from a horizontal pull to a vertical pull. This naturally increases the difficulty of the movement.

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Learn the Inverted Row for Your Swim Strength Program

The Supine Row, or Inverted Row as it is often referred to, adds a body weight pulling movement to the progression.

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Learn the Supine Row Hold for Your Swim Strength Program

The Supine Row Hold is an isometric exercise that is a great follow-up to the Band Bent-Over Neck Pull.

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Learn the Band-Bent Over Neck Pull for Your Swim Strength Program

Today we are introducing the Band-Bent Over Neck Pull. This is a good starting point in the body weight pullup progression as it negates the effect of gravity.

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Bill Pilczuk on How to Develop an Explosive Start

World 50m Freestyle Champion Bill Pilczuk stops by to share 4 tips for how to develop an unstoppable start.


Learn The Barbell Back Squat for Your Swim Strength Program

With the added load of the bar on your back, focus on your balance, especially on the downward movement of the squat.

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Learn The Medicine Ball Squat to Focus on Stability

Welcome to day 4 of the Building Blocks progression powered by BridgeAthletic.

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Learn The Split Squat to Focus on Lower-Extremity Stability

The split squat will target the stabilizers, as well as the major lower-extremity muscle groups.


Learn The Body Weight Squat to Develop Strength

The BW Squat is an excellent introduction to squat mobility and form. Work on developing strength by increasing repetitions.


Why The Squat Progression Matters in Swimming

The wall squat acts a foundation for developing the squat with a focus on form and stability. Wall support aids in form development, while time can be used as variable for increased difficulty.


Yoga for Swimmers – Release Tension in Your Hips, Quads and Glutes

In this intense 20 minute Vinyasa flow yoga practice, we focus on stretching these regions of the legs that tend to be tight in swimmers. (Featured image: Rebecca Soni)


How to do The Kneeling Spiderman Pushup

Day 5 – Building Blocks Progression powered by BridgeAthletic: Today we introduce our most technical variation of the pushup, The Kneeling Spiderman Pushup.

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The Tempo Pushup increases focus on shoulder stability and your core

Day 4 – Building Blocks Progression powered by BridgeAthletic: Today’s exercise is an alteration of the pushup that tests even the best athletes. Make sure you and your athletes master the previous day before proceeding!

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