FINIS Set of the Week

FINIS Set of the Week: Life in the FAST Lane

Combining speed and equipment is a great way to get a full body workout, but it’s crucial to pick equipment that won’t interfere with proper technique at high speeds.


FINIS Set of the Week: I’M Not Free

This week’s IM set is a staple for stroke work. For best results, mix in some swims off the blocks – this would be a great way to build in some speed during the middle of the set.


FINIS Set of the Week: Climb the Ladder

First half of the ladder is freestyle then climbing down is IM.


FINIS Set of the Week: All the Gear: Swim 4Fun

This set is designed to keep things interesting when training starts to feel stale – perfect for middle of the week workout blues.

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FINIS Set of the Week: A Paddle Kind of Fun

This set includes a variety of drills to get the most out of what the Iso paddles have to offer. The key benefit here lies in developing the various muscle groups that swimmers should be using throughout the stroke.

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FINIS Set of the Week: Longhorn Strength

This week’s set mixes in a little dry land work for an added strength element. All dryland elements can be modified to meet the specifics of your pool – the real work lies in getting out of the pool after each 25 and completing some form of body weight exercise.


FINIS Set of the Week: Never Miss Leg Day

As a coach, I have a hard time striking a healthy balance with kick sets – it can feel like all or nothing. As a solution to this, I’ve been using fin work to drive the intensity, without relying on crazy intervals to demand effort.


FINIS Set of the Week: IM Training for the Freestyler

Sometimes IM training isn’t what you want, but it’s exactly what you need. So this week, IM is a means of building speed, agility and endurance for the mid-distance/distance freestyler.

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FINIS Set of the Week: A True Distance Test Set

This set is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for a truly challenging way to build endurance AND track results – this set’s for you.

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FINIS Set of the Week: Zone in on the 500 and 1000

This week’s set is formulated specifically for 500/1000 training. The combination of active recovery and quality speed work will challenge athletes at every level.

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FINIS Set of the Week: A Distance Swimmer’s Staple

Whether she’s training for an English Channel crossing or a record-breaking 500 yard swim, this set is a “go-to” in marathon swimmer Catherine Breed’s lineup of workouts.

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FINIS Set of the Week: Long and Very Strong

Looking for a set that will build and little character and strength? Well, you’ve found it! This week’s set is the perfect dose of endurance and power.


FINIS Set of the Week: A Sprinter’s Way to Close Out a Workout

The essentials… A simple ladder to close out a workout with quality speed work.

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FINIS Set of the Week: Building Blocks

For the coaches and swimmers that love a good 50 set, this workout is a dream.

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Distance Swimmers Ke Liye FINIS Ka Workout

Aaj Ka Workout Distance Swimmers use kar skte hai and ye workout Distance Swimming me Pace ko maintain karne ke liye hai.


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