MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman: Butterfly Drill, 2-2 and 2

MP Swim Tips by Bob Bowman – Episode One

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Phelps vs. Hackett: Two All-Time Greats Go At It In Practice

In 2003, while both were dominating their respective events on the international level, the two swimmers got together for a 5-day freestyle training battle royale. Here’s what happened.


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7 Questions to Better Goals for Swimmers

Do you set yourself big goals at the beginning of the season? Are there things you want to do with your swimming – know that you can do with your swimming – but you aren’t sure how to get from where you are now to where you dream to be?

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Is Hypoxic Training Good, Bad or The Wrong Terminology?

You may have heard swim coaches use the term Hypoxic Training and wondered exactly what it meant. The literal definition means to swim with fewer breaths per length and so limit the supply of oxygen to your body.


The Top 8 Names Bowman and Phelps Should Name Their Next Horse

Based on Phelps’ heroics in Beijing, here are the top 8 names for Phelps and Bowman’s next pony.


Coach’s Intel: Bucknell’s Dan Schinnerer Shares a Sprint/Middle Distance Set

Bucknell’s Dan Schinnerer shares a sprint/middle distance set


Mens 200m: Late Entry Agnel Head and Shoulders Above a Depleted Field

The men’s 200m freestyle World Championships Preview. (Photo Credit: TIm Binning, TheSwimPictures)


Tennessee Continues Tear in Relays on Night 2 at Women’s NCAA Championships

The Georgia women hold a sizable lead headed into day 2 of the Women’s NCAA Championships, but they’ll be fighting for every point they can get on Friday. (Photo: Tim Binning/