Toronto 2015 Pan American Games: Day One Prelims Live Recap


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The swimming portion of the Pan American Games kicks off Tuesday morning in Toronto and right out of the gates the games will be a test for some of the most accomplished swimmers in the pool.

The women’s 100m freestyle will feature American swimming superstar Natalie Coughlin. Coughlin has been putting a ton of focus on the sprint freestyles since London, and is arguably the favourite to win the final tonight. She will have some stiff competition from the Canadians with the likes of Chantal Van Landeghem and Michelle Williams.

Matheus Santana will be the man to beat in the 100m freestyle. He’s got plenty of raw speed to bring to the table, but American Cullen Jones will be in the mix as well. Jones has more International experience than many of his competitors here, giving him an advantage.

Canadian Audrey Lacroix is the favourite in the 200m butterfly. She’s going to have to race fellow Canadian Noemie Thomas who should put up a good fight.

In the men’s 200m butterfly Brazilian Leonardo De Deus looks like the man to beat. He’s been very fast this season and will have a clear shot at the Pan American Games record.



  • World record: 52.07 – Britta Steffen (Germany) 2009
  • Pan Am Games record: 54.46 – Amanda Weir (USA) 2003
  • Americas record: 53.02 – Amanda Weir (USA) 2009
  • 10th fastest time in the world this season: 53.94

Top three seeds heading into finals

  1. Natalie Coughlin (USA) – 53.85
  2. Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace – 54.00
  3. Chantal Van Landeghem (Canada) 54.31

Natalie Coughlin held nothing back in the prelims of the 100m freestyle on day one; dropping under the 54-second mark in order to set a new Pan Am Games record.

Coughlin was a 53.85 at the touch, bettering the previous games record of 54.46 set by Amanda Weir in 2003. Coughlin looked great underwater, and finished well putting her head down during the last 10 meters and motoring home.

Arianna Vanderpool-Wallace of the Bahamas was also under the previous games record, sporting a 54.00 to win her heat. Also swimming in Vanderpool-Wallace’s heat was Canadian Chantal Van Landeghem. She tied the old record with a 54.31.

The previous record holder, Weir, will also be in tonight’s final after taking the fourth seed in 54.36.



  • World record: 46.91 – Cesar Cielo (Brazil) 2009
  • Pan Am Games record: 47.84 – Cesar Cielo (Brazil) 2011
  • Americas record: 46.91 – Cesar Cielo (Brazil) 2009
  • 10th fastest time in the world this season: 48.44

Top three seeds heading into finals

  1. Frederico Gabrich (Argentina) 48.60
  2. Santo Condorelli (Canada) 48.88
  3. Marcelo Chierighini (Brazil) 48.92

The men’s 100m freestyle was a lot faster than previously expected and showed a completely different top three. Frederico Gabrich of Argentina came out of nowhere to claim the top seed in a new national record and personal best time of 48.60.

He was well ahead of his competitors. Santo Condorelli, a former Bolles School swimmer who now represents Canada in international competition, also showed off some speed rocking a 48.88. That was just enough to get one of the two middle lanes ahead of Brazilian sprinter Marclo Chierighini. Chierighini was also under 49-seconds, dropping a 48.92.

The top three were the only swimmers under 49-seconds. Both Yuri Kisil of Canada and Cristian Quintero of Venezuela tied for the fourth seed in 49.07.

Matheus Santana of Brazil just squeezed into the finals with a 49.52.


  • World record: 2:01.81 – Liu Zige (China) 2009
  • Pan Am Games record: 2:07.64 – Kathleen Hersey (USA) 2007
  • Americas record: 2:04.14 – Mary DeScenza (USA) 2009
  • 10th fastest time in the world this season: 2:07.89

Top three seeds heading into finals

  1. Katie Mills (USA) 2:08.89
  2. Audrey Lacroix (Canada) 2:10.33
  3. Andreina Pinto (Venezuela) 2:10.98

American Katie Mills swam a very solid 2:08.89 this morning to better her seed time and taking the top seed over hometown favourite Audrey Lacroix heading into finals.

Mills was significantly faster than anyone else in the field this morning. Lacroix was her closest competitor, putting up a 2:10.33 to take the second seed. Andreina Pinto of Venezuela also put together a very good swim, clocking in at 2:10.98 for the third seed overall.

Missing from this morning’s prelims was Noemie Thomas, one of the top seeds going into this meet.


  • World record: 1:51.51 – Michael Phelps (USA) 2009
  • Pan Am Games record: 1:55.45 – Kaio de Almeida (Brazil) 2007
  • Americas record: 1:51.51 – Michael Phelps (USA) 2009
  • 10th fastest time in the world this season: 1:55.44

Top three seeds heading into finals

  1. Mauricio Fiol (Peru) 1:56.81
  2. Leonardo De Deus (Brazil) 1:58.44
  3. Bobby Bollier (USA) 1:58.61

Mauricio Fiol of Peru came out of nowhere to take the top seed in the men’s 200m butterfly and set a new Peruvian national record in the process. With a 1:56.81, he’s the top seed for finals by a long shot.

The closest man to Fiol was previous favourite Leonardo De Deus of Brazil. De Deus was a 1:58.44 this morning to finish almost two seconds behind Fiol. Regardless, he was able to hold back the Americans.

Bobby Bollier was right behind him in 1:58.61.

Two Canadians will be in the final with the likes of fourth seed Alec Page and seventh seed Zack Chetrat.



  • World record: 3:30.98 – Australia 2014
  • Pan Am Games record: 3:40.66 – USA 2011
  • Americas record: 3:23.31 – USA 2013

Top three seeds heading into finals

  1. Team USA 3:37.28
  2. Team Canada 3:42.83
  3. Team Brazil 3:46.73

The hype for tonight’s relay got even bigger as the American prelims team took down the previous games record of 3:40.66.

Katie Meili, Allison Schmitt, Madison Kennedy, and Kelsi Worrell collectively swam a 3:37.28 to take a huge chunk off the record and beat the Canadians in the process.

The Canadians also didn’t feature their top guns this morning, and should be plenty competitive in the final. The Canadians were a 3:43.83.

The race looks to be between the two teams, however the Brazilians could be in the mix if they’re able to step it up. a 3:46.73 performance puts them as the third seed for tonight’s final.



  • World record: 3:08.24 – USA 2008
  • Pan Am Games record: 3:14.64 – Brazil 2011
  • Americas record: 3:08.24 – USA 2008

Top three seeds heading into finals

  1. Team Brazil 3:17.87
  2. Team Canada 3:18.77
  3. Team USA 3:18.94

The lead exchanged multiple times during the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay prelims, but ultimately it was the Brazilians who came out on top in 3:17.87.

Team Canada and Team USA battled continuously, but at the touch it was Stefan Milosevic leading Canada ahead of the Americans in 3:18.77. The Americans weren’t far behind in 3:18.94.

The Brazilians are favoured to win tonight.


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The livestream link doesn’t seem to work in the US. Anyone have non-ESPN3 ideas?

bobo gigi

I think it’s working in USA but you have to pay. On the USA swimming website they say “cable/sat subscription required”.


Yeah, we don’t have cable, so no luck for us.

Sean S

There should be a way to use a proxy server and fool the CBC link into thinking you are in Canada for Europeans and Americans who don’t have cable. I don’t know much about it but maybe others here do and there is always Google.


Yeah, use google to find a Canadian proxy server and set your browser to connect via that ip address. Or subscribe to a vpn.

Dany Bravo

Check out this list of live streaming channels, includes both free and paid channels.
You can unblock the free restricted channels to save money 😉

bobo gigi

I start to think I will not be able to watch the finals live. 😥
ESPN3 not available in France
CBC not available with your link. Geoblocked.
And on my usual sports streaming websites, nothing so far.
Another solution for people outside of North, Central and South America?
I wanted to watch that great US women’s team on paper, Thoman and Bentz on the US men’s side and the Brazilian Santana I’ve never seen swim live.


Maybe you could look for a Streaming of Brazilian Sportv or Record News. I think one of them at least have a live streaming.

Dany Bravo

i just found a live streaming guide. also posted here to Brian. you can also check it out.


Natalie!!! 53.85 is a great time for her.


10th fastest time in the world this year

bobo gigi

Thanks for the news.
But it’s very irritating to not be able to watch.
I’m off.

Irish Ringer

Quiet a strong protest 🙂

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