Tokyo Olympic officials work on countermeasures to combat COVID-19 at the Games

As cases continue to surge worldwide, Tokyo Olympic officials want the world to know they are doing everything in their power to keep athletes, coaches, officials and others safe.

Per the Associated Press, Olympic officials on Wednesday demonstrated several pathways that would allow to track and tackle any possible presence of COVID-19 at the Games.

“Our objective is to demonstrate what we are doing toward the safety and security of the Olympics,” executive director of the Tokyo Olympics security bureau Tsuyoshi Iwashita said. (AP)

Tactics exhibited by the officials included placing stickers on the wrists, which would then measure the body temperature.

Stickers will be placed on spectators, athletes, coaches and officials’ wrists before entering the various Olympic venues next summer. If the temperature shown surpasses 98.6ºF (37ºC), the stickers will flash red, forbidding the individual from entering the facility.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) also indicated that athletes testing positive at the Olympics are likely to be excluded, perhaps extinguishing years of training, per the report.

In late September, the IOC and the organizing committee for Tokyo 2020 held a meeting to discuss what a post-coronavirus pandemic Olympic Games might look like next year.

That meeting reviewed more than 50 measures that have been designed thus far in an effort to maximize cost savings and increase efficiencies in the postponed Games’ delivery. The measures are divided into four categories of stakeholders, infrastructure, promotion, and other areas of interest.

A specific disinfection procedure has not been determined as of yet.

Organizers have indicated they are unlikely to explain until early next year exactly how the Olympics can be held safely given the prompted scenarios.

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11 months ago

Hoping for the best outcome!

11 months ago

Herd immunity… it’s our only choice.

Reply to  Guerra
11 months ago

Too late. We chose herd stupidity