Tokyo 2020 Foreign Ticket Sales to Begin in June

Tickets for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are set to go on sale to foreign buyers on or after June 14, 2019, a little over a month after they go on sale in Japan.

Tokyo 2020 delegates revealed the ticketing timeline at the 38th Olympic Council of Asia General Assembly in Bangkok on Sunday.

Japanese residents will likely be able to start buying tickets on April 27th, or sometime between April 27 and May 6, when Japan celebrates what is known as “Golden Week” when four significant national holidays coincide. “Golden Week” in 2019 will be particularly significant as Japan’s Emperor Akihito is to be succeeded by his son Crown Prince Naruhito on May 1.

Last July, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee revealed ticket prices for all Olympic events. The most expensive tickets available will be for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, with prices starting at $2,500 (¥300,000) and for track & field events, where tickets are priced as high as $1,100 (¥130,000). The cheapest tickets will be for sports including softball, rugby, and soccer, with prices as low as $70 (¥8,000).

Tickets for aquatics are also among the most expensive. Ticket prices for aquatics events at next summer’s Games will fall within the following ranges:

Ticket Prices Tokyo 2020 (JPY) Tokyo 2020 (USD)
Swimming 5,800-108,000 52-970
Artistic Swimming 4,000-45,000 36-404
Open Water Swimming 3,500-5,500 31-49
Diving 3,500-30,500 31-274
Water Polo 3,000-18,000 27-162

A new law banning ticket scalping will also come into action during this time. The law, which the Japanese government has been educating the public about since December, will ban all resale of tickets for profit, including resale on the internet and by ticket-buying websites. Though many prefectures already have their own rules banning ticket resales, particularly in the vicinity of event venues, these laws do not prohibit online resale.

The bill also makes provisions for tickets that identify a spectator by name, and will require event organizers to “make efforts to identify ticket holders,” The Japan Times reported last December.

Under the new legislation, scalpers could face a maximum prison term of one year or a fine of up to ¥1 million ($8,800 USD), or both.

Precisely how many tickets that are to be allotted to each country and its recognized resellers is set to be revealed next month.

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They need to outlaw the travel packages if they are serious about this. Sure you can have a ticket at face value if you pay us $2000 a night for a crappy 3 star hotel room.

Caroline Wright

How do you get tickets for the aquatics or other events ?

Aaron Singh

anyone get any Olympic tickets looking to part with, contact [email protected]

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