Ticket Prices Released For Swimming, All Sports at 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Ticket prices have been posted for all of the events at the 2014 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games.

Specifically for swimming, prices will range from $25 for the cheapest prelims tickets to around $386 for the most expensive finals tickets.

The table below shows all ticket prices for swimming, based on current conversion rates, in USD.

Category A Category B Category C Category D
Pool Prelims $150 $120 $69
Pool Finals $387 $215 $112
Open Water $30 $17
Synchro prelims $77 $43 $26
Synchro Finals $180 $129 $60
WaterPolo Prelims $21
Water Polo Quarters $112 $69 $30
Water Polo Semis $146 $95 $43
Water Polo Finals $249 $129 $60
Diving Prelims $150 $120 $69 $43
Diving Semis $258 $215 $133 $103
Diving Finals $387 $301 $163 $112

What will shock many swim fans is that, all-in-all, diving goes for the same price as swimming – showing the relative popularity of the two sports on the Olympic stage.

My comparison, the London 2012 Olympic ticket prices (seen here)  were drastically more expensive. For swimming, the top tickets for prelims went for around $250 for prelims and over $700 for finals.

The result in London, however, was a lot of empty seats – leaving fans frustrated that tickets were purchased by those who could afford them, and then went unused.

See the full Rio 2016 ticket price listing here.

Other notable prices:

  • Opening ceremony – Ranging from $85 to $1,972 dollars
  • Closing ceremony – Ranging from $85 to $1,286 dollars
  • Beach volleyball final – $150 to $515 dollars
  • Basketball – $150 to $515 dollars
  • Track – $150 to $515 dollars
  • Beach volleyball, basketball, and track are most expensive medal-round tickets.
  • Cheapest: Mountain Biking ($17), Cross-Country Equestrian ($25)

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When will they start selling the tickets?

I would like to get tickets for some events for the final week.

London sucks, how dare they charge so much for tickets

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