Texas Longhorns Win 2018 NCAA Championships, 4th-Straight Victory

by Robert Gibbs 142

March 24th, 2018 News


It was a wee bit closer than it’d been the past three years, but the Texas Longhorns won their 4th-straight title at the 2018 Men’s NCAA Division I Swimming & Diving Championships tonight.  They won by 11.5 points, easily their narrowest margin of victory in this current streak of victories, and their 2nd-smallest margin of victory ever.  They won by 193 points in 2017, 190.5 points in 2016, and 129 points in 2015.

This is the 2nd four-peat for Eddie Reese, the legendary Longhorns coach who has helmed the Longhorns since 1978.  It’s the 14th overall victory for Reese and the Texas men, given them two more than any other men’s swimming & diving program.

Unlike previous years, the Longhorns had to battle a little more this meet for this win.  A few of their key swimmers were off, and their highest relay finish was 3rd  after winning four last year, but there was enough depth and grit to win out in a very tight race over Indiana and California.

Junior Townley Haas won the 500 and 200 free, and came in 6th in the 100 free, to lead the Longhorns with 53 individual points. Freshman Austin Katz was the only other Longhorn to win a swimming event, earning 35 points with a win in the 200 back and a 4th place finish in the 100 back.

Ryan Harty, Tate Jackson, Jeff Newkirk, Sam Pomajevich, Brett Ringgold, Jonathan Roberts, Joseph Schooling, and John Shebat all also earned individual points for Texas.

Ringgold, Roberts, and Schooling formed the core of a senior class that went undefeated at the NCAA championships, with all three swimmers playing a key role, individually or on relays, each year. 

Also unlike previous years, it was Texas’s divers who provided the margin of victory.  Jordan Windle earned 45 points Grayson Campbell, and Jacob Cornish earned a combined 81 points on the boards for the Longhorns.  

Full Roster

  • Safa Anya – JR
  • Josh Artmann – SO
  • Luke Bowman – FR
  • Jared Butler – SR
  • Grayson Campbell – SO
  • Colter Carman – FR
  • Arthur Cheng – FR
  • Thomas Colket – Redshirt SR
  • Jacob Cornish – SO
  • Townley Haas – JR
  • Ryan Harty – Redshirt SO
  • Max Holter – SO
  • Jacob Huerta – SO
  • Tate Jackson – JR
  • Austin Katz – FR
  • Sam Kline – SO
  • Jack Lanphear – SO
  • JohnThomas Larson – FR
  • Casey Melzer – JR
  • Reed Merritt – SO
  • Braxton Moore – SO
  • Parker Neri – FR
  • Jeff Newkirk – JR
  • Jeremy Nichols – JR
  • Sam Pomajevich – FR
  • Brett Ringgold – SR
  • Jonathan Roberts – SR
  • Joseph Schooling – SR
  • John Shebat – JR
  • Sam Stewart – JR
  • Austin Temple – SR
  • Mason Tenney – JR
  • Preston Varozza – SO
  • Jordan Windle – FR
  • Chris Yeager – FR

Coaching Staff

  • Eddie Reese – Head Coach
  • Matt Scoggin – Diving Coach
  • Wyatt Collins – Assistant Coach
  • Jon Alter – Director of Operations
  • Chase Kreitler – Volunteer Swimming Coach
  • Rick Schavone – Volunteer Diving Coach
  • Ben Rodgers – Swimming Manager

List of Texas NCAA Division I Championships

  • 1981 – 259
  • 1988 – 424
  • 1989 – 424
  • 1990 – 506
  • 1991 – 476
  • 1996 – 479
  • 2000 – 538
  • 2001 – 597.5
  • 2002 – 512
  • 2010 – 500
  • 2015 – 528
  • 2016 – 541.5
  • 2017 – 542
  • 2018 – 449

Final Team Scores

1. Texas 449
2. California 437.5
3. Indiana 422
4. NC State 385
5. Florida 347
6. Southern California 253
7. Stanford 205
8. Michigan 168.5
9. Louisville 156
10. Georgia 129
11. Tennessee 123
12. Auburn 98.5
13. Alabama 95
14. Texas A&M 75
15. Minnesota 67
16. Arizona 64
17. South Carolina 60
18. Harvard 58
19. Purdue 54
20. Arizona St 45
21. Florida St 42
22. Denver 31
23. Missouri 29
23. Notre Dame 29
23. Lsu 29
23. Cornell 29
27. Miami 27
28. Ohio State 25
29. Virginia 19
30. Penn State 14
31. Towson 11
32. Utah 10
33. Duke 9
33. Virginia Tech 9
35. Grand Canyon 7
36. UNC 6
36. Hawaii 6
38. West Virginia 2.5
39. Iowa 2
40. Wyoming 1
40. Southern Methodist University 1

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Yeah so… dual meets don’t matter anymore


What dual meets? Oh, you mean when Texas goes on the road and they carry swimmers on stretchers from the bus to the pool? Yeah, no, they don’t matter.


Lol at everyone who STILL hasn’t figured out how Texas runs the program. Lots of haters all year long. Texas had to work hard for it this year, Indiana was a tough opponent and swam extremely well. Cal fought hard and just came up short. Great teams filled with great swimmers.

Go Hard or Go Home

Dual meets are race training days. 😉


big gratz!

Peter Davis

Final score:
1 Texas 449
2 Cal 437.5
3 Indiana 422
4 NC State 385
5 Florida 347

Final score without diving:
1 Cal 437.5
2 NC State 385
3 Texas 367
4 Florida 347
5 Indiana 324


Cal probably should have brought better divers.


Yeah. Why it’s called Swimming AND Diving. Hook’em and proud these boys respect the sport!


Someone is eating sour grapes


You do realize that final scores without diving do not count for anything. Right.


Cal still lost……and diving counts

Steve Nolan

Who’da thunk there were so many diving stans on “SwimSwam.”

Bob Glover

Diving is apart of the meet. It always has been. Teams that invest scholarship dollars in diving benefit from it. Two ways to skin the cat and this year is clearly had a large effect. Its a trade off and the decision was made, deal with it good or bad.


*a part. Apart would suggest that it is removed from the meet in some form.

Steve Nolan

Oh, for sure.

Still pretty lame for us diving-haters, tho.


Really just Texas fans who would be saying the same thing if they lost because of diving, which they strongly deny

Go Hard or Go Home

News Flash:
It’s called “Swimming and Diving”

not “Swimming without Diving”

Double Arm Freestyle

Final Score:
1 Texas 449
2 Cal 437.5
3 Indiana 422
4 NC State 385
5 Florida 347

Final Score without Butterfly:
1 Texas 428
2 Indiana 390
3 NC State 361
4 Cal 356.5
5 Florida 293

You can manipulate team scores any way you like by taking out certain things but the fact remains that diving is included in team score and always has been and all of these teams have equal opportunities to recruit/develop divers. It’s not the fault of UT/IU that UF/Cal/NCSU choose not do so


Love it 🙂 Great post.


Thanks for doing the math. Not happy that it came down to diving. One day someone will have to explain to me why diving is paired with swimming. Why not throw in synchro and water polo while we’re at it? Figure skating between periods during hockey? Perhaps we could combine squash and tennis? Gymnastics and track?

The only reason to combine diving and swimming is, well, because that’s how we’ve always done it.

Congrats to Cal for winning the NCAA Swim Championships.


Um track & field would be very similar argument to swimming and diving.
I would vote to take diving out but until then u play the game by the rules given to u. If we took breast out Texas would have won easy right?

Steve Nolan

This ain’t as clever as you think it is. There’s no decathlon that spans swimming and diving events.

I’ve been to plenty of pools that don’t have diving boards. Tracks and fields sort of go together.

(But yes, I know, diving is part of this meet please do not @ me.)


Halarious that Texas fans all of the sudden view diving and breastroke the same, as even breastroke is almost not a part of swimming. Or is it just because your really good at diving and bad at breastroke currently?




Wow. Don’t be such a sore loser. Congrats to Cal on being runner up 4th year in a row. Good news is next year it won’t be nearly as close so you won’t feel as bad.


Nope! In your make believe championship Texas would have more scholarships to give. So in your “championship” Cal was gifted more scholarships than Texas?

Ron Z

Without divers a team is able to bring more swimmers. That also impacts who wins the “swim” championship. Also, why not make it the US College Swimming Championship, That means that non-US swimmers wouldn’t count. How much would UT win by every year? But that is moot — it is D1 Swimming & Diving. Congrats to UT!


Breaststroke shouldn’t count, it’s so slow. Backstroke should have its own championships – no reason why guys looking down should have to compete with guys looking at the ceiling. Butterfly as well – swimming is about speed not symmetret. Maybe butterfly can be combined with diving. Why are distance events counted? Endurance is a completely different kettle of fish from speed. Relays should have a different relay championships. It’s a whole different dynamic. To maintain the purity of swimming, the NCAA swimming championships shall consist of one 100 free event.


Why are there Divers and Diving Coaches of the year? Shouldn’t there be Freestyler of the Year? Breaststroker of the Year? Etc?


What’s with all the comparisons of breastroke to diving? Makes zero sense. It’s fine having diving at the same meet as NCAAs, just have it be a separate school so that you have a winner of the diving championship and a winner of the swimming championship. Combing diving and swimming together is done because of… history? And, yes there is a decathlon – so there’s a precedent for combining track and field within the sport itself. Perhaps there needs to be a combined swimming and diving duathlon? And, fair point on scholarships being used up on divers for Texas vs. swimmers. My larger point is very simple: combining these two sports just because that’s how it’s always been done makes… Read more »


Why so bitter lol. Don’t be a sore loser


There isn’t an NCAA swimming championships but there is an ncaa swimming and diving championships


The point is that Cal is looking like sore losers. You knew before the meet, before the season, and actually years in advance that this is a Swimming and Diving Championship. It starts to look unseemly for Cal fans to complain after the meet about diving being included. No one likes a sore loser, no matter how you may spin the numbers and include/exclude events. Once you start to do that, then why not slice and dice the data to anyone’s advantage? Of course, Cal fans know this but can’t face the fact that they lost, again. Suck it up like an adult, congratulate the winner of the meet, and come back next year. Be a good sport


What’s the score without breaststroke? Diving is another event. Texas gets the W.


Stop making dumb arguments.


It’s called the swimming and diving championships


Cal complains but maybe if they could develop the incredible talent they have then they would have won. Seliskar and Hoffer have been epic disappointments


Epic disappointments? Seliskar scored 47 points and has displayed incredible versatility. Hoffer scored 26.5 as a freshman, not far off what Dressel scored his first year (35 I believe). Let’s not minimize their achievements.


Hoffer split an 18.2 at this meet so I wouldn’t quite say that

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