Take 2: Michael Andrew breaks NAG Record in 50 Free Time Trial

In prelims at the Austin Grand Prix, 14-year-old pro swimmer Michael Andrew tied his own National Age Group (NAG) record in the 50-meter freestyle.

But that wasn’t good enough for the rising Kansas star. Before most of the crowd could so much as get up and leave the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center for the morning, Andrew was back in the pool for a time trial, this time knocking another two tenths off his best to lower the record to 23.19.

The time between those two swims was somewhere in the ballpark of 8 minutes, making his double-record day more like a stand-up set in practice than a fully fresh meet competition. But Andrew, who trains using Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training, a topic of much discussion in the swimming community right now, seemed to thrive on cramming a lot of speed into a short time period.

Andrew was 23.38 this morning, qualifying tenth and earning another swim tonight. But Andrew took the opportunity to race one extra time, taking advantage of some clean water to pull off yet another NAG-record swim.

He will presumable swim the race one more time this evening, as he’s the second seed in the B final. Perhaps he’ll make it a three-peat on the same NAG record, which, even for Michael Andrew, is a pretty good day.

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Congratulations, nice swimming.

bobo gigi

Even more impressive when we know he has swum a 200 free with a new PB of 1.57.84 before his both 50 free races.
With more rest for tonight, perhaps he could swim a sub 23 in the 50 free B-Final.
In an interview I have understood he wanted to swim faster than 14-year-old Darren Lim who has a record of 22.73.


It seems odd –
Andrew has shown that he can do 100 and even 200s well in most strokes.
But in freestyle – his 50 is soooooo much better than his 100 or 200. I think he was 53 yesterday in the 100 free?


I think it is odd that he has the SC NAGs in the 100s of each of the 4 strokes, yet in LC he has NAGs in 2 other events – the 50fr and 200IM. I really don’t know what to make of it but I do know that I am impressed.


Not that odd in January, when LC season is just getting started. He broke the majority of his SC records at the end of the season this past December. I don’t think he ages up until April, so I’m pretty sure you will see him go after a few more LC records before his 15th Bday.

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