The Key To Success: Trust Your Coach

Most of the success as a swimmer comes from how hard they train and how motivated they are to reach their goals, but a huge factor in how well you train and compete, comes from your coach.


10 Things Non-Swimmers Say to Swimmers

It’s hard being a swimmer sometimes, especially since, as all swimmers know, no one outside the sport understands swimming.


How To Train Through That Dreaded Plateau

When training, at any level, a lot of people struggle with progress after training for a while and hit a plateau. This is commonly known as the ‘plateau syndrome’.

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The Pros And Cons Of Pre-Workout

It can be difficult to fully understand what is safe and what is not when it comes your body and workout. The supplement industry is big, with some good products that can help you and some that can damage you.

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Killer Abs Workout In Just 6 Minutes For Better Core Connection

What better way to tighten that core then to do a killer Ab workout in only 6 short minutes.

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The Post Workout Window

Whether or not to eat after practice has caused many debates. If you practice hard, then you are depleting glycogen, and tearing and ripping the muscles during training. If you want to repair your body and build up muscles, your body needs the fuel so it can recover from your workouts.

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Protein Bars: What’s The Best One?

Protein bars have the purpose of filling that hunger when whole foods cannot be implemented, like during practice or immediately after, but what is the best?


USC Defeats Utah In First Dual Meet of the Season

The University of Southern California defeats University of Utah in their first dual meet of the season.


Arizona State Takes The Win In Season-Opener Against Pacific

Arizona State men’s swim team won their first dual meet of the season, with Bob Bowman making his debut as the Sun Devils new head coach.


Two Swimming Legends Making Program Debuts At Arizona St-Pacific Dual

Bob Bowman and Simon Burnett make their college coaching debuts at their respective programs as ASU and Pacific compete against each other in their season-openers.

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Doping: Is It Worth The Risk?

Anabolic steroids is one of the most common drugs being used in the swim world, causing major health problems to swimmers who are caught abusing.

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Psych 101: Focus on the Parts of Swimming You Can Control

How do you know what causes you to mentally sabotage your race and how do you overcome it?

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A Close Race Between BYU And Utah in Season-Opener Relay Meet

The University of Utah competes in their first meet against BYU in a relay only meet, led by head coach Joe Dykstra.

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Utah Swim And Dive Announces 2015-2016 Schedule

The Utah swim team, led by senior Kristian Kron, announced 2015-2016 schedule for both men and women.


USC Men’s Team Announces 2015-2016 Schedule

The USC’s Trojans men’s team, led by senior Morten Klarskov, has announced their schedule for 2015-2016 season.

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