Kalina Emaus

We Rise By Lifting Others

I am less than two weeks away from graduating college. I miss swimming a lot, but I truly feel the good it brought me every day.


Dear Swimming: A Goodbye Letter from Kalina Emaus

Five thousand six hundred thirty five days we met in the Hudsonville High School pool. Somehow in the midst of all those around you, you were able to call me and make me feel special and free.

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Shout From the Stands: Gone Too Soon

Before losing you I’d never cherished swimming, running, school, or held onto the gift of life so tightly until the day I heard you had passed and watched balloons fly to the sky in your memory.

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“We Built This City”

In life we will encounter thousands of people that we have a chance to impact, sometimes these will be direct and other times we may never know those we touched.

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Lessons Between The Lane Lines

I once heard of life being referred to as a dance, something about being 10 percent circumstance and 90 percent perspective.

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