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The Art of Swimming: Photo show in San Diego’s North County

There is undoubtedly an artistic aspect to all sport, and swimming is no exception.  The beauty and grace of swimming is…

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FINIS Photo Vault featuring Anthony Ervin and Jason Dunford

SwimSwam partners FINIS have teamed up with swimming photographer Mike Lewis of Ola Vista Photography to share some behind the scenes…


Breaststroke Drills with the FINIS Swimmer’s Snorkel

Another Use for the FINIS Swimmer’s Snorkel – Head Position in Breaststroke Swimmers and coaches use the Swimmer’s Snorkel in…

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Gangnam Style Swim Club Parody

Swim Photo Credit: Elon Club Swim Team

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Tempo Trainer Pro: Pacing Like the Pros

A new use for the FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro, as a means to keep swimmers at a desired pace and interval.

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Share Swimming, Save a Life

We often attempt to share a sport that is a big part of our lives, and could also mean a lifetime of physical health and well-being for those around us. How do we convince a loved one to take a dip with us? We have a couple of suggestions.

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Make Sense of Your Training

Why not become the most educated guy/gal in the room on a very interesting subject – your own training?

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Zooming in the Pool

The use of short blade fins, such as FINIS Zoomers, can help an athlete train smarter in the pool. How? We provide a couple of examples that highlight the advantages of Zoomer training.

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Keeping Track of Your Heart Rate

Heart rate is something that is important to monitor for athletes, especially competitive athletes. Not only is it good for people to know heart rates for their health, the human heart rate is a fantastic indicator of fitness level.

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Positive Drive Fins: No Stroke Left Behind

In a workout, sometimes being a breaststroker feels like being the redheaded stepchild.  Sometimes you feel so different from the…


Go Strapless

Think back to the first time you put a paddle on your hand…


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