SwimSwam Pulse: 59% Think Texas Can Repeat As NCAA Champs With New Coach

SwimSwam Pulse is a recurring feature tracking and analyzing the results of our periodic A3 Performance Polls. You can cast your vote in our newest poll on the SwimSwam homepage, about halfway down the page on the right side, or you can find the poll embedded at the bottom of this post.

Our most recent poll asked SwimSwam readers if the Texas Longhorns can repeat as NCAA champs next year even with head coach Eddie Reese retiring:


Question: Will Texas repeat as NCAA Champions with a new coach next season?

  • Yes – 59.5%
  • No – 40.5%

Nearly 60% of voters believe the Texas Longhorns can repeat as men’s NCAA swimming & diving champions, even with a coaching change.

Eddie Reese announced his retirement the week after winning his 15th career NCAA team title. Reese is the most-decorated swimming coach in men’s Division I and had been coaching Texas for 43 years.

Reese will remain in touch with the program, though, suggesting he’d still be coaching practices for both the Texas men and women. He’ll remain in his head coaching role through this summer’s Tokyo Olympics, then transition into a “coach emeritus” role that keeps him coaching the Longhorn athletes, though not serving as the head coach of the team.

Texas won the meet by 27 points over California. The Longhorns only graduate 149 points from their senior class and lead all teams with 282 “returning” points from underclassmen. Further tweaking those numbers is senior diver Jordan Windlewho suggested on social media that he will return to take advantage of a fifth year of eligibility. Windle was the team’s top scorer, putting up 52 individual points.


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13 days ago

Hard to really make a good call without knowing how many Cal seniors will come back. Some good up and coming eams too. I agree that with what we know, Texas should be the favorites.

13 days ago

The question should be if they will win in 5 or 10 years IMO.

Reply to  Ghost
13 days ago

I think the recruiting might start to slow down. Texas has a few advantages for recruiting. They’re attractive to in state kids because of in state tuition and there is a large talent pool in texas. They’re really good, who doesn’t want to be part of national championship team. And kids will take the chance to swim under Eddie. Eddie will still be around however. I see them being good, but qualifying 26 swimmers for nationals will probably go away over the next few years.

Reply to  Swimmer2
13 days ago

Fun fact, only 5 of the kids on the NCAA roster are from Texas. Texas gets a large number of its studs from OOS

Reply to  Horninco
13 days ago

Since Texas no longer helps cover summer training costs, including classes, the OOS recruits will dry up fast. The cost of a summer class for an in stater is $500. The cost of the same summer class for OOS $2,000. Insane. More insane when you factor in the cost of living in Austin these days… easily $3,000 for the summer for housing alone. All others costs on the rise too what with half of CA tech moving in with their fat wallets. UT may not make financial sense for OOS.

Reply to  Ghost
13 days ago

Will be interesting to watch.

Former Texas Longhorn
13 days ago

Since it’s been repeatedly said that Eddie will continue coaching, but in a non paid capacity, I think that means that Wyatt will be the new coach and that the transition will be unusually smooth. Eddie has said he will be “coach emeritus”, which means he still retains involvement in the program. It’s carefully chosen designation. Eddie will coach, which he loves the most, and Wyatt will coach and handle all the administrative duties including recruiting. If Eddie continues to have an important coaching role, it may not hurt Wyatt’s recruiting very much because now Eddie can focus on what he loves most, coaching. This may be a win-win for Eddie, Wyatt and Texas.

Reply to  Former Texas Longhorn
13 days ago

Texas recruits love Wyatt and support Wyatt. Nobody can just replace Eddie, but I believe Wyatt will be very successful in selling Longhorn swimming magic.

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