Swimming’s TopTenTweets: When It’s an Honor to Get Lapped

by Torrey Hart 0

November 19th, 2017 News, TopTenTweets

We’re back with swimming’s TopTenTweets, where we bring you the week’s best from the swimming Twitterverse. From a #TBT for the ages to a pair of historic World Cup performances, scroll to see what made the cut!


For the millionth time, swimming is objectively at least four times more exciting than football.


An enticing quality.


There’s really nothing quite like your swim friends.


Technically this is from last week, but is just too #real to pass up.


Lilly might be in even higher demand now than back in 2014, if that’s even possible.


Yeah, we’d say he has the market cornered.


Photoshoot idea: wear them all at once.


Just in case you wanted to feel extremely old today.




There is only one acceptable response to that situation and this is it.

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