Swimming Debuts on the Smartwatch with Pebble

Earlier this summer, we told you about the pre-beta launch of the new Swim.com platform, the first-ever swim training and workout platform compatible with all the watches built for swimming by Garmin, Swimovate and FINIS.

For us, it was exciting to see something come onto the swimming market that had the potential to do for our sport what sites like Strava, MapMyRun and RunKeeper have done for cycling and running.  It was the first step towards bringing swimming to the forefront of wearable tech: the next big thing for technological advancement in swimming.

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And sure enough, in just a few short months, the site has had thousands of interested swimmers who requested early access, according to Davis Wuolle (a SwimSwam co-founder and the platform’s product chief).

Now, three months after Swim.com’s pre-beta launch, these guys are making waves again, launching the Swim.com App for the popular Pebble smartwatch and opening up Swim.com to everyone (so if you didn’t get an account, you can sign up now).

The release of the app means that swimmers with a Pebble will be able to download all the functionality of a $150 swim watch onto their Pebble for free.

For tech-savvy consumers, this means the Pebble is now the first and only smartwatch to get advanced swimming functionality.  With the Swim.com app, the Pebble can track stroke counts, times, splits, distance and more.  Not to mention, Pebble is the only smartwatch you can wear in the pool now and probably in the foreseeable future.

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“We’ve developed advanced algorithms over hundreds of swimmers and thousands of laps that allow us to track swimmers’ motion through Pebble,” says Wuolle. “With the advancement of these algorithms, we look forward to being able to interpret swimming in even more advanced ways like being able to give live technique feedback.”

So this all continues to be great news for swimmers looking to get more data and relevant statistical feedback from their swims.  We look forward to the day when we can race Michael Phelps or Nathan Adrian in a sprint set and have a device tell us why we lost and how we can change that.

For now, just by purchasing a Pebble, swimmers can swim, sync and start tracking and breaking down their workouts (and even play Flappy Bird between sets).  If you have a techy swimmer on your Christmas list, the Pebble could be the best gift since the invention of the waterproof MP3 player.

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If I’m reading the info correctly… I should be able to get pace from this? So if we do a set of 16x50s, I should be able to get all 16 splits? How accurate is this?

Hi Hulk Swim-
That is correct, you can get splits for 16×50’s. Accuracy is typically within a second.

Jimmy Yu

Seems like in order to get pace for a set, you need to hit the interval button at the end/start of each 50. Is that true?


I can’t seem to find the app for iOS. Am I missing something? The instructions on the website say I have to go to the iTunes store and get the app there. But then later mentions the pebble app store. It’s all very confusing.

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