Swimming Australia President Perkins Looks To Possible Tokyo ‘Plan B’

On the heels of dueling reports over the last few days from major publications concerning the subject of a possible cancellation of the already-postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Swimming Australia has released its own statements regarding ”plan B.’

Swimming Australia President Kieren Perkins confirmed that the organization has started discussions about a replacement domestic or virtual international competition for its athletes in the event that this summer’s Games are indeed canceled. (Reuters)

As we reported this week, The Times, published a story about internal sources within the Japanese government casting doubt over the country’s ability to host the Olympic Games in the summer of 2021.

Nearly immediately after the report, International Olympic Committee (IOC) head Thomas Bach told Kyodo News “We have, at this moment, no reason whatsoever to believe that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will not open on the 23rd of July in the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo. There is no Plan B.”

Regardless, Perkins feels he ‘owes it’ to Australia’s swimmers to have a contingency plan in place if things sour as the July 23rd Olympic start date draws nearer.

“If the worst happens and Tokyo is cancelled, for our athletes who have had the opportunity to prepare and work so hard for so long to get to this moment, I think it behooves us to give them the best chance to at least test themselves and see what that work has created.

“We are preparing on the basis that this is happening so our swimmers will be ready, our trials are going ahead. If the Games themselves are cancelled, what can we do to take advantage of the fact that our athletes are ready?

“It is an open question … whether we run our own meet or maybe we could do a virtual meet with some of our major competition. It is an open question mark at the moment, but we will prepare and have alternate plans.” (Reuters)

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6 months ago

Plan C? I thought 2021 was plan B.

Ol' Longhorn
6 months ago

Geez, don’t do a virtual meet. That just reinforces how much it sucks.

Reply to  Ol' Longhorn
6 months ago

I agree but these kids that have spent years getting ready for this meet need the chance to go after PR’s and WR’s

Crazy idea, but if Olympics are canceled how about the US invites anyone who wants to send their team to Omaha, pare down US entrants and run a two week meet with events and entrants spread out and in bubbles

Omaha won’t have anything else going on and there will
Be plenty of hits rooms available if the fans can’t attend (I’m assuming the CWS has no or limited fans).

There is technology coming on line that allows for instant covid testing from aerosols. Let’s employ them, you have to test when walking in every… Read more »

Reply to  Horninco
6 months ago

Vaccinate. Get them to the meet.

Reply to  Horninco
6 months ago

Don’t know who would freely want to go to the US at the moment? Especially those from countries where covid numbers are very low.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Horninco
6 months ago

The US is a safe place to go? I’ll leave it ppl living in each place to describe what is happening but my pal Joe said the pandemic will get worse in the coming months in the US.

Good work Kieran. The writing is on the wall in Hirogana if not in Katagana.

Last edited 6 months ago by Corn Pop
6 months ago

Given the athletes have trained their cycle beyond a year and for some, this is their last olympic, then why not utilize a venue in an area like they did for basketball. Secure a 14 day quarantine within a bubble and run all the events under the olympic schedule. Florida would be possible and California. Other countries as well. The only big issue is money. Money can do a lot to get a special “swimming olympics” going under a bubble protocol. Maybe in a less major city it maybe cheaper say, Asia or Australia. Something to the effect of plan B or C. Timing is important to have the right pieces in place.

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