SwimmersBest Knee Adjuster Kit (Video)

Swimming gear news courtesy of SwimmersBest, a SwimSwam partner. 

Knee Adjuster Kit 

Knee Adjuster Kit: Breast Kicking

  • Dial in any knee width you need for breast kick training
  • You can start with the knees closer than shoulder width… and gradual increase the width
  • Practice ‘kick only’ or full stroke (on stomach o on back)
  • Practice your kick on your stomach, on back, or vertically
  • Practice dual-leg kick, single legs, or alternating legs (i.e. egg beater)

Knee Adjuster Kit: Reduce Excess Knee Bend on Free and Backstroke

  • Secure Knee Adjuster kit to each ankle
  • Control the distance between the ankles to suit your knees

Knee Adjuster Kit: Train ‘High Elbow’ or “EVF’ Catch

  • Use for ‘Bending Elbow’ drill with alternating arms and underwater recovery
  • Helps keep the elbows high and wide on the engagement of the catch

Knee Adjuster Kit: Control Knee Width on Flip Turns

  • Attach knees for the desired distance between knees
  • At first you may want to keep knees close
  • Eventually you want to train the knees to maintain shoulder width on recovery

Knee Adjuster Kit: Feedback (Swimmers FEEL/ Coaches SEE / Video for Self Analysis)

  • You should feel water moving through your legs as you recover the legs on flip turns
  • Your feet need to land on the wall at shoulder width
  • Stop your flip with your feet on the wall and check to see your foot placement

SwimmersBest is leading the way for the future of swim training equipment.  The company offers a broad range of solutions for improving stroke technique, kick technique, and breathing technique.   They provide swimmers, coaches, and teams with the tools they need to balance technique training with conditioning training.  By combining the best drills with the best tools, the SwimmersBest products give swimmers instant tactile feedback so they can adjust their technique efficiently.   The old way of having coaches constantly remind swimmers of their individual problems has proven to offer very little improvement in technique.  All SwimmersBest products are designed to constantly ‘talk to the swimmers’ so they can feel the problems and make corrections.   This unique approach means the swimmers are given negative feedback for incorrect stroke technique, which compels the swimmers to quickly correct the problem on their own. With a constant flow of new innovative product designs, SwimmersBest is a company that will continue to deliver solutions you need.

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