SwimLabs – Where Entrepreneurship and Swimming Collide

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December 02nd, 2014 Industry, International, Masters, Training

Courtesy of SwimLabs, a SwimSwam partner.

If you’re a swimming fan and you’re not taking advantage of the growth of the sport, then you’re just treading water.

The coaching and lessons market within the United States is huge, and it’s growing year over year. Currently, there are over 400,000 USA registered swimmers, and tens of millions of swimmers taking lessons every year. Why not use this growth and combine it with your entrepreneurial spirit? That’s exactly what SwimLabs is doing.

SwimLabs, Orangecounty1From Learn-To-Swim to Olympians, and everything in between, SwimLabs is redefining what a Swim School is across the nation. SwimLabs’ facilities are strategically built to minimize the typical costs associated with owning pools, while maximizing exposure to a wide arrange of clientele. Each facility houses 3-4 SwimLabs tanks, all with state of the art cameras, monitors, mirrors, library database, and cloud streaming software. The waiting room of our facilities has an open feel as floor to ceiling glass walls overlook the pool area where you, as a small business owner, will hold and supervise lesson after lesson. Needless to say, SwimLabs knows no boundaries when it comes to using our technology to capitalize on the growth of the sport we love.

SwimLabsAs a small business owner of a SwimLabs you will have over 10 years of business experience at your side. You’ll use our distinctive business format, instruction techniques, training programs, specially designed pools, swim stroke analysis software, optimized website, architectural designs, advertising, promotional and marketing methods, and operational standards to grow your business. With all this expertise at your side, you will not only achieve financial success quickly, but also maintain it for years.

SwimLabsDon’t just take it from us—you’ll have the opportunity to talk with fellow franchisees and clients about our trusted and proven business model. From client testimonials to franchisee success stories, you’ll have all the information you need to jump in the water with us. With SwimLabs at your side, you will watch your small business grow and while working in the sport you love.

Visit swimlabsfranchise.com and dive on in, because the water is fine.


Michael Mann, SwimLabs co-founderMichael Mann is the co-founder of SwimLabs. He is a Colorado native who started swimming at the age of six, then went on to play Water Polo and swim at the University of New Mexico, where he earned his business degree at the Robert Anderson School of Business. Mike went on to work as a sales representative for Mitsubishi of Japan and partnering in a 200 location electronics store start up called Video Concepts. His business resume also includes a 14 year stint owning and operating three full service restaurants, six years managing a BMC Millwork operation with billings in excess of $40 million, and prior to opening SwimLabs worked as a franchise broker. His love of water sports destined him to opening the first SwimLabs in 2007. Mike continues to participate in Masters Swimming and Water Polo, and has earned All American status in both sports. Mike currently owns 11 world records in Master swimming and was twice awarded World Master Swimmer of the Year in 2009 and 2010. Mike still coaches masters swimming, and insists his success is attributable to his lovely wife of 30+ years Ann and his three beautiful daughters.


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