Swim Goggles with a Smart Display

Courtesy: FORM, a SwimSwam partner. 

Swim goggles. Doesn’t it seem like they’re missing something?

How about live metrics like split times, stroke rate/count, and distance? Maybe on a see-through display built right into the eyecup? And fully customizable, so you can choose what to see and when?

That’s the newly announced FORM Swim Goggles. And they’re coming August 7th.

Built in a secret lab over the past three years by ex-competitive swimmer Dan Eisenhardt, working alongside a team of former Intel engineers and two-time Olympic swimmer Scott Dickens, this looks like the holy grail of swimming tech. FORM says these goggles meet the needs of the sport’s most demanding athletes but are easy enough to use for all swimmers.

And they’re not all tech, either. According to FORM, these goggles feature a premium build with high-grade materials and five nose bridge sizes, so every swimmer can get a tailored, comfortable fit.

Launching alongside the goggles is the FORM Swim App for iPhone and Android. This free app lets swimmers review and share workouts tracked by the FORM Swim Goggles, see progress over time, and customize the goggles’ metrics display. You can choose what metrics to show while swimming, after turns, and during rest.

FORM isn’t taking pre-orders, but the goggles will be available on August 7th from www.formswim.com. Asking price? $199. Seems like a steal when the new Apple Watch starts at $399, and premium goggles from Speedo are up to $85.

You can follow FORM on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates.

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Gary Shires
1 year ago

Can the FORM goggles be used for track and field applications such as viewing times at specific distance markers during an 800 meter or 1500 meter race?

Kyle Nunes
3 years ago

Does the company also make them with prescription lenses?

3 years ago

Long have we all dreamed of this day. Either this, or a time display on the bottom of the pool. This seems more thorough.

Rod barratt
3 years ago

The digital display in the giggle eye piece was a thing in early 90s. It was a tiny digital sticky that glued into one goggle piece.. but appeared to be ‘out front’ of th swimmer when swimming. It was only a two or four digital timer tho – no Sc/Sr etc

3 years ago

This is awesome. But I am still waiting for a heart rate monitor I can wear while I swim, that gives me real time feedback on my heart rate.

Reply to  Mikeh
3 years ago

Check out what Phlex is bringing to market soon http://www.phlexswim.com

3 years ago

Are the eyepieces replaceable? My goggles rarely last more than a year even with great care. If there are any plans to make them for open water swimming I’m all in. Love my GPS watch but having the ability to see your metrics without having to stop and look at the watch would be great.

3 years ago

Product seems awesome. I’m always a little skeptical of the longevity of any type of swim equipment, especially goggles. Sometimes it seems like everything is designed to break. I’m curious to see how long a product like this lasts when used regularly. Do the straps hold up? Does the tech inside the goggle hold up? Is there a warranty in case things don’t hold up?

Tom Fowler
Reply to  Sccoach
3 years ago

Been in the pool 4 days per week average for past 6 months. No sign of wear and tear with my Form protos.

Reply to  Sccoach
3 years ago

Warranty is a good question. I wonder if they just go to a subscription model. $100 a year and if it breaks you return it and get a replacement. Goggles dont really last more than a season for me.

Sheri Chejlyk
3 years ago

You know how goggles get foggy more quickly the longer you wear them? How is that going to work?

Reply to  Sheri Chejlyk
3 years ago

Foggy goggles are a myth

Reply to  Sqimgod
3 years ago

100% accurate SwimSwam comments are a bigger myth