Sun Yang Punished for Recent misconduct

by SwimSwam Staff 34

February 05th, 2013 International, News

As a wax replica of Sun Yang, the first Chinese man to win Olympic gold, was being unveiled at the Madame Tussauds Museum in Shanghai, the real Sun Yang found himself in hot water.

It was reported in by Xinhua  that the swimming star will be punished by the Zhejiang College of Sports for conduct that went against a several team rules.

It appears that Sun and his long time coach Zhu Zhigen had an argument about the Olympic champion’s recent behaviour. Zhu did not approve of Sun’s publicized love affair with an air hostess and was upset with Sun’s increased commitment to his sponsors which has detracted from his training, so much so that he has not followed “systematic” training for the last 40 days.

It has also been reported that Sun had asked for Zhu to be replaced after an argument about his training regime.

Zhu and Sun were scheduled to leave for Australia to continue training with Denis Cotterell, but because of the swimmers lack of dedication the trip has been postponed.

Sun has been fined a month’s training allowance and has also been temporarily suspended from all commercial activities.

“This place is for good athletes, not for the athletes with privilege,” Li Jianshe, the college dean, told Xinhua. “Although Sun Yang has realized what was wrong with him and he promised to put it right, we have to punish him as everyone is equal when it comes to rules.”

Sun did make an attempt to apologize to his coach directly, but was not allowed to see Zhu who has recently been hospitalized due to high blood pressure and a thyroid nodule.


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Breaking Bad.

Yeah like Sun is gonna go to bed at 9 peering out at the night lights of The Gold Coast. He will be going to 5 am training direct from clubbing.

China needs to set him free .

Should we swim fans make up a song ? I kinda liked the Free Nelson Mandela ditty. I am pretty lazy – so why not the Aquarius thing? They have probably never heard oF Hair in China. We could protest nude atEmbassies next to the Feng Shui & Falun gong crowd.

Msybe a YouTube Vid & then storm the embassy. That sounds fun.


publicized love affair with an air hostess ??

Where was that???

Philip Johnson

hey, Sun’s success should warrant him multiple girlfriends .. make it happen China!


He will break the 1 kid for family rule.. or won´t he if the kids are from different girlfriends??

Philip Johnson

well, one kid or not, i’m sure plans are in the works for Sun to have a child only with another top athlete to produce a Phelps-like swimmer. isn’t that how Yao Ming was born?

Did no one else notice that he forgot to put his goggles on? He left them on his forehead. The man is falling apart. Maybe he needs a new coach. I might screw a lot of things up, but I am pretty sure I could remind him to put his goggles on. I do that about twenty times a week at my current job.


But look how relaxed he is? He’s all like, “I don’t have my goggles on but I can still swim fast”.


I don´t have my google.. but I can still win the 1500.. and only swimming the last 100 free for real..

true. If Pablo Morales had worn his goggles on his forehead instead of not wearing them at all, it would have been that much more bad-ass.


Now I know why he does not dolphin kick on turns – he does not see well of all those bubbles without goggles and could re-emerge in another swimmers line and be DQ-ed. Makes sense.


If he did that on a 400 or 1500 at the end he would be DQ and could hit another swimmer who was only coming to the wall when he alreafy left it.. Double KO.

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