Stanford Women 1 of 3 Teams With 20 CSCAA Academic All-Americans

The College Swimming & Diving Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) has selected 1,069 swimmers and divers to their Scholar All-America team, the most in history. The distinction recognizes athletes who maintain a GPA of 3.50 or higher and competed at their respective NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships.

Additionally, there were 1,137 student named as Honorable Mention selections. These students have similarly achieved a GPA of 3.50 and achieved a “B” time standard or competed at an NCAA Regional or Zone Diving qualifier.

Three different Division I schools had 20 swimmers honored: the Stanford women, Ohio State women and Alabama men. The Cal and Louisville women were the next highest with 19 and 18 respectively. Check out the top team rankings below:

NCAA Finish Women Honorees
13 Ohio State 20
1 Stanford 20
2 Cal 19
5 Louisville 18
20 Arizona 17
6 Texas 17
3 Texas A&M 17
4 Michigan 15
30 Alabama 14
10 Minnesota 14
15 Missouri 14
NCAA Finish Men Honorees
13 Alabama 20
18 Harvard 16
28 Ohio State 16
7 Stanford 14

Among the individual swimmers earning the award were NCAA Swimmers of the Year Caeleb Dressel of Florida and Ella Eastin of Stanford. Below, check out some of the other notable honorees:

  • Katie Ledecky, Stanford
  • Simone Manuel, Stanford
  • Brooke Forde, Stanford
  • Ally Howe, Stanford
  • Bethany Galat, Texas A&M
  • Beata Nelson, Wisconsin
  • Siobhan Haughey, Michigan
  • Mallory Comerford, Louisville
  • Kathleen Baker, Cal
  • Amy Bilquist, Cal
  • Mark Szaranek, Florida
  • Maxime Rooney, Florida
  • Gunnar Bentz, Georgia
  • Dean Farris, Harvard
  • Felix Auboeck, Michigan
  • Austin Katz, Texas
  • Anton Ipsen, NC State

For a full list of swimmers, click here.

In Division II, Queens (NC) had the most athletes earn the distinction for women with 17, followed by Lindenwood (13), while the Lions topped the men’s side with 9.

For Division III, Emory (17) led Kenyon (15) and MIT (14) for women, with the Engineers (16) topping Kenyon (15) for men.

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“The distinction recognizes athletes who maintain a GPA of 3.50 or higher and competed at their respective NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA Swimming and Diving Championships.” This isn’t quite true. An athlete can earn Honorable Mention status for achieving a “B” cut for swimming or qualifying for Zone diving. Ohio State women didn’t have 20 athletes compete at NCAAs so some of their athletes have to be honorable mentions.

Belly Flop

Neither did Stanford or Cal… The maximum number of athletes a team can bring to the NCAA meet is 18, with that number including divers. Any team with that number of student-athletes hitting those incredibly high standards in the classroom AND the pool should be congratulated, not brought down by someone looking to troll. Hats off to all these amazing young women and men!


I’m not trolling. I was just pointing out a misstatement in the article. I only pointed out Ohio State because I wasn’t sure if divers counted as a full athlete for NCAAs. If they didn’t, Stanford and Cal could conceivably had 20 athletes at NCAA. As someone who was an All-American Honorable Mention myself, I congratulate everyone on their accomplishments. I’m just trying to help SwimSwam have accurate stories.


Thanks James for the clarification!


Grade inflation helps a lot at Stanford doesn’t it


Yeah I’m sure those Stanford classes are really easy to maintain a 3.5 in


It’s possible to get over a 4.0 GPA per Stanford’s grading system, so it’s reasonable to say that grades are inflated. Though still a very challenging school to say the least.


Ella Eastin went to a private Lutheran High school which helps with school in College I’m sure.


Yeah, to the people downvoting, the average GPA at Stanford is 3.67.


The average GPA you state is not accurate, and grade inflation is no more at Stanford than any other college. One would expect students at Stanford to do well academically. For the class of 2020, there were 43,997 applicants to Stanford and only 2,063 were accepted, for a 4.6% acceptance rate. 95% of the students who come to Stanford were in the top 10% of their high school class and those same standards apply to athlete admits at Stanford.


It really depends on your major at Stanford. Also you have to realize that it is a little unfair to use a strict bell curve amongst some of the smartest kids in the country (only ~4% of applicants get in).


I’m sure the women on the Stanford team are all excellent students but Stanford has a history of grade inflation. For example, I do not know of any other college that gives “A+s” . . . meaning it’s possible to have a GPA above a 4.0. Their grading system also doesn’t include Fs.


I can’t believe the headline mentioned The Stanford Women but not Dean Farris.

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