Spain Update: Madrid State Announces Cancellation Of Season Remainder

As the return to normalcy is becoming somewhat asymmetric for the different Madrid-based swim teams, the regional governing body for swimming has decided to bring the season to a close. The federation made the announcement in a press release issued yesterday.

Per the document, the situation is very fluid for some teams compared to others, a factor that led the General Assembly to make the decision.

Since the state of emergency became effective March 14, several major national and international tournaments that would have taken place on Spanish soil wound up being canceled, including the nation’s Olympic qualifier meet.

Resulting from the new voting, the situation for each governed sport will be as follows:

  • Swimming wise, the different teams will remain in the same division they competed in during the 2019-2020 season.
  • Water polo will also bring their season to a close, taking the current team standings into account for next season.
  • Masters swimming will also remain intact since only two out of the four scheduled meets for this season took place.

The document, however, does not address what the situation will look like for diving and artistic (synchronized) swimming.

Although Madrid has canceled its events, we reported that territories in the third phase (the last of the four) are now allowed to sanction events, so long as they meet the sanitary precautions. Other regions have not yet made an announcement as to whether they will bring their season to a finish, or if they will sanction any more events.

Madrid, along with Catalonia, Castille-Leon and parts of Castille-La Manche just entered Phase 2 in the de-escalation process Monday. Because the state of emergency closes June 21, these regions will not be moving onto Phase 3, but rather move onto the “New Normalcy” with the rest of the regions.



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