Impressive men’s 100 freestyle on Day 4 of Russian Championships

by SwimSwam Staff 49

April 19th, 2013 Europe, International, News

In the race of the evening, the men’s 100 freestyle semi-final six men went under the FINA A standard and broke the top eight in times done this year. Nikita Lobintsov, who placed second in the 200 freestyle was the fastest qualifier posting a time of 48.18, which currently the second fastest time in the world.

He was followed by Danila Izotov, the winner of the 200 freestyle, who finished in a time of 48.23, which puts him third in the world. Vladimir Morozov finished in a time of 48.49, which is good enough for the third best in the world before the race this evening, Andrey Grechin finished in a time of 48.51 (third fastest time in the world before the race), Sergei Fesik recorded a time of 48.63 (sixth fastest in the world before the race) with Alexander Sukhorukov posting a time of 48.80 (good enough for eighth in the world before the race).

This should be a phenomenal final with the eighth place qualifier putting up a 49.30.

Vyacheslav Sinkevich had an incredible swim in the semi-final of the 200 breaststroke setting a new Russian record of 2:08.62, which is also the fastest time swum this year. He was not able to match his semi-final swim in the finals, but still posted an impressive time of 2:09.00. He was followed by 19 year old Marat Amaltdinov who went a best time by over a second to finish under the FINA A standard recording a time of 2:11.57.

Anastasia Zueva, who chose to bypass the 200 backstroke because of a foot injury, was healthy enough to win the 100 backstroke in a time of 1:00.24. It was not an easy win for the Olympic silver medalist, she was challenged Mariya Gromova who turned at the 50 ahead of Zueza and finished second in a time of 1:00.84.

14 year old Daria Ustinova, who won the 200 backstroke in a time of 2:08.39, finished third posting a time of 1:01.38. Going into the meet Ustinova’s best time in the 100 was 1:02.94.

Nikolay Skvortsov, who swum a very pedestrian 1:59.17 in the semi-final, won the 200 butterfly in a time of 1:55.70. His time is under the FINA A standard and is also the fastest time in the world this year. Skvorstov was the lone qualifier in the event.

Vlad Morozov broke the Russian record in the 50 backstroke in the semi-final posting a time of 24.80, was not able to match that swim but won the event in a time of 24.83. Vitaly Melnikov finished second just ahead of Arkady Vyatchanin, who got the best of Morozov in the 100 meter backstroke. Melnikov finished in a time of 25.10 while Vyatchanin posted a time of 25.18.

Victoria Andreeva, winner the 100 freestyle, took the 200 IM in a time of 2:12.21. National record holder Daria Belyakin finished second in a time of 2:14.62 with Victoria Mayutina finishing third posting a time of 2:14.83. Both Belyakina and Mayutina’s times were under the FINA A standard.

Elizaveta Gorshkov took the women’s 1500 freestyle in a time of 16:38.56.

In the women’s 100 butterfly semi-final Veronika Popova qualified first in a time of 58.65 followed by Irina Bespalov who qualified second in a time of 58.99.

Irina Novikova qualified first in for the women’s 200 breaststroke final followed by Olympic bronze medalist Yuliya Efimova who posted a time of 2:29.67.

Full, live meet results available here.


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7 years ago

Morozov is going to have it hard to qualify individually. I had a hunch he was going to be good for a 48.3 or so at this meet, with a better shot at the 50, but if Izotov or Lobintsev dont slow down, itll be aproblem for him.

Also, I would love for someone to pop a 47 tomorrow but I dont know where its going to come from. Despite being the bronze medalists, they are still an underdog to get onto the podium. But aready, they’re putting a huge amount of pressure on Team France, Good thing they have Agnel, their ace in the hole.

Reply to  john26
7 years ago

Morozov hoping for a 47 flat was too much.. maybe he can prove me wrong.. but the only thing by now is that LCM is not the same as SCY.. tomorrow we shall see..

Philip Johnson
Reply to  Rafael
7 years ago

Raf, I don’t think he was shooting for a 47 flat, but rather than be in the 47s.

bobo gigi
Reply to  Philip Johnson
7 years ago

48 low would already be good for him tomorrow. As you said, SCY and LCM are 2 different worlds.

Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

His twitter with times posted was not looking for a 47.1?

Philip Johnson
Reply to  bobo gigi
7 years ago

No, just “47”. I have my doubts, but he may get it.

7 years ago

Grechin was fourth -48.51

Philip Johnson
7 years ago

Overall, very impressed by the 100 free. That final is going to be fast. I think at least one person will be under 48. I had my doubts about Vlad in the 100 as I didn’t think he could keep up the tempo but so far, so good. It’s going to be a battle for the top two spots for sure.