Russia’s Evgeny Sedov Clears Pair of Junior World Records in Russia

Update: This record will not count, as FINA is only beginning to accept records from April 1.

Russian 18-year old Evgeny Sedov has broken the Junior World Record in both the 50 freestyle and butterfly races at this week’s Russian Cup No. 2 in Rostov-on-Don.

In the 50 free Sedov swam a 21.98 in long course meters, which cleared the officially-established 22.11 Junior World Record done by Australian Luke Percy at the 2013 World Junior Championships.

In the 50 fly Sedov was a 23.48, which is faster than the 23.61 done by New Zealander Daniel Bell at the 2008 World Junior Championships.

There will still be a little bit of hand-wringing as to whether these swims will go in the books, as FINA has not declared when they’ll officially begin accepting applications for new Junior World Records after voting to establish them a few weeks ago. This is also not to say that Sedov’s are the fastest times ever by a swimmer in the 15-18 age group, rather FINA decided that they will use the Junior World Championships records as a “starting point” for the official records.

However, we do know that the 50 free is faster than both the American (Caeleb Dressel – 22.22) and Australian (James Roberts – 22.05) Junior Records, though neither country keeps 50 fly records in that age group. It also clears the Russian 18 & under record that Sedov himself held at 22.06 in the 50 free and 23.64 in the 50 fly.

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We will see a lot of Junior records fall this year…the next time Ledecky fall in the water, probably a lot of them will be gone.Just look at the 400 to 1500free records: 4:06.30, 8:32.30 and 16:18.63.And Ruta probably will lower her times really good.


It’ll be exciting to see what Dressel can pull this summer– if he tapers. He might just be training through the summer to prepare for college. Anyone got any insight?

ole 99

While I guess its conceivable that someone would swim a summer without a taper, that idea just seems silly. Regardless, 2015 world championship positions are determined by summer nationals, so I would bet he tapers.


He has youth olympics this year..

And his 100 free will probably fall this month to Matheus Santana at Maria Lenk Trohpy…


Cameron Mcevoy holds the record for 18 and under at 48.07. He isnt breaking that. Mcevoy is also 48.5 at 17, Santana wont get that.Plus Dressel is still 17 will lower his own time this summer at trials. He doesnt age up til the 16th of August


OK, brazilian Santana will swim 21:20 and 47:34 in Maria Lenk.

Santana do not aim 50 free.He likes 100 and 200free.And Dressel 48.9 is not that strong time when the best 18y ever(McEvoy) has 48.08… Sedov and Percy(beyond Santana and Dressel) are capable to beat it too.

And 21.20?Right now, just Cielo and Manaudou are capable to do that.


DDIAS. Dressel set that record 1 month AFTER he turned 17. Mceovoy set the 17-18 year old record a couple of months BEFORE he turned 19. Dressel’s time is incredible and on a higher pace than Santana who hasnt broken 49 yet and has been 17 for awhile (dont know when he was born). Also remember that up to now, Dressel has been primarily a SCY, while Santana is a LCM guy

Dressel time is incredible, there is no doubt about it.I was telling is not that great comparing with the TRUE 18year-old record. Dressel has everything to be a great Freestyler, and he is taller than Santana(six-three) and McEvoy(six-one), but there is others around the World in the same pace.
About Age:Santana is FOUR months older than Dressel and will age up(be 18) in Wednesday.


Dressel is taller than 6’3″?
He has great potential I guess.


I have not seen Dressel mentioned in the coverage of the various high school and age group meets. Does anyone know how he has done this Spring? Thanks.

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