Russian Swimmer Martynova Issued 4-Year Ban For Failed Doping Test

Amidst the controversial accusations levied against the Russian swimming community by The Times, alleging systematic, organized doping, another Russian swimmer has been confirmed as failing a doping test.

We learned last week that U.S.-based Russian breaststroking World Champion Yulia Efmova had tested positively for meldomium, and now it’s been confirmed that Russian swimmer Yana Martynova tested positively for the drug ostarin. (TASS)

According to Martynova’s coach, the swimmer had tested positively for the substance back on July 18, 2015, which has now resulted in a 4-year ban for the swimmer. FINA has confirmed Martynova’s suspension, which began on July 27, 2015. Interestingly, Martynova had withdrawn from the FINA World Championships at the last-minute due to ‘sustaining an injury’.

Says Martynova’s personal coach, Gulnara Aminova, “Yes, she [Martynova] has been suspended. It is what it is.” (TASS)

He went on to say, “Some athletes have been acquitted while some others have been suspended for a lesser term. And their cases will be examined only in the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne. But we won’t be able to pay for the services of that Court as we simply don’t have such money.”

Ostarin, otherwise known as enobosarm, was originally developed to combat osteoporosis, however, it has been used by athletes to assist in training by way of increasing physical stamina and fitness.  This type of drug was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as of January 2008.

The most recent publicized case of testing positive for enobosarm testing came in the form of Azerbaijan’s Chaltu Beji. The 18-year-old won the 3,000m steeplechase event at last year’s inaugural European Games in Baku, but was later disqualified for having tested positively for ostarine.

Martynova’s most notable in-pool achievement was when she earned gold in the women’s 400m IM at the 2013 World University Games.

With a 4-year ban beginning on July 27, 2015, Martynova would not be eligible for competition again until July 27, 2019, when the swimmer would be 32 years of age.

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6 years ago

Worth noting that Martynova used to swim at Trojan

Reply to  swimz14
6 years ago

Stop, seriously? Please tell me you’re joking. If that is the case, someone should take Salo or his assistants aside and try to talk some sense into him / them. If you’re joking, shame on you.

Reply to  ApplesandOranges
6 years ago

It’s true, check USA Swimming database

Reply to  ApplesandOranges
6 years ago

Ous Mellouli, Yuliya Yefimova, and Jessica Hardy all were given doping bans at international events while training under Salo too. But look at the facts:

1) Ous’ own federation covered up his test illegally and told him to stop. Not Salo’s fault.
2) Yefimova tested positive twice used the same excuse and her federation is covering up positive tests. Not Salo’s fault.
3) Hardy took cold medicine with a banned substance and failed to report she took it. Not Salo’s fault.

The other common thread is that all of these athletes were competing in the NCAA’s during their alleged doping. I think this clearly shows more testing needs to done at the NCAA level.

Let’s also not forget… Read more »

Reply to  OhioSwimFan
6 years ago

Ohio you need to fact check what you wrote. Almost none of it is correct…

Reply to  OhioSwimFan
6 years ago

The other common thread is that all of these athletes were competing in the NCAA’s during their alleged doping. I think this clearly shows more testing needs to done at the NCAA level.

Not so. Mellouli tested positive in fall 2006, 6 months after his last NCAAs. Efimova was never in the NCAA. Hardy moved to Trojan after she went pro in 2007, and tested positive in 2008.
Hosszu swam at USC, but I don’t think she was ever part of the post-grad group.

Reply to  OhioSwimFan
6 years ago

I don’t think your statement about the NCAA connection is correct. Efimova was a pro at age 16 and never competed at NCAA’s (hardly even competed in the US). Hardy left Cal after 3 years to go pro and train at USC with her former club coach (Salo) a year before her doping incident. Mellouli finished his NCAA swimming a year before his doping incident. All three of them have been competitors on the world stage for many years and subject to Fina’s testing. Also, Hosszu’s greatest progress has come since she started training internationally with her boyfriend as coach.

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