6 Spots Filled For World’s US Roster, 20 Spots to Fill For Men and Women

by Kelsey Zimcosky 11

June 25th, 2013 News

(Post thanks to Amanda Smith, University of Southern California)


The first night of World Trials is underway in Indianapolis, Indiana. Only three events took place tonight, so there is not too much going on in regards to the roster selection.. yet.

Here is an easy way to follow the selection process in order of precedence:

1.The top 4 in the 100 & 200 freestyles and then the winner of each Olympic event will make the team
2. The second place finisher in the Olympic events will make the team
3. The winner of the NON-Olympic events will make the team (50s of the strokes, plus the W1500m FR & M800m FR) – if room
4. The 5th place finishers in 100 & 200 freestyles will earn a berth – if room
5. The 6th place finishers in 100 & 200 freestyles will earn a berth – if room

When you think of it like that, you really see how interesting the team selection may pan out over the next few days in Indianapolis. Those 26 spots for the men and women could fill up before we even get through all the Non-Olympic events, based on the amount of doubles we see from swimmers.

There were no “doubles” tonight, but we will see Missy Franklin, Tyler Clary, Ryan Lochte, Katie Ledecky, Matt Grevers, Nathan Adrian, Liz Pelton, and more from the list below compete again and possibly clinch a top spot. That would then create a “double” allowing another spot for a swimmer fitting in the latter selection criteria from above to make the team.

Swimmer Event Place
Cammile Adams W 200 Butterfly 1st
Maya Dirado W 200 Butterfly 2nd
Tom Luchsinger M 200 Butterfly 1st
Tyler Clary M 200 Butterfly 2nd
Missy Franklin W 100 Freestlye 1st
Shannon Vreeland W 100 Freestyle 2nd
Simone Manuel W 100 Freestyle 3rd
Megan Romano W 100 Freestyle 4th
Natalie Coughlin W 100 Freestyle 5th
Liz Pelton W 100 Freestyle 6th
Nathan Adrian M 100 Freestyle 1st
Jimmy Feigen M 100 Freestyle 2nd
Anthony Ervin M 100 Freestyle 3rd
Ryan Lochte M 100 Freestyle 4th
Ricky Berens M 100 Freestyle 5th
Matt Grevers M 100 Freestyle 6th
Katie Ledecky W 800 Freestyle 1st
Chloe Sutton W 800 Freestyle 2nd
Connor Jaeger M 1500 Freestyle 1st
Michael McBroom M 1500 Freestyle 2nd

*Tentative berths will be italicized until earned

Tonight 6 berths to Barcelona were earned from the men and women for Team USA – 20 more on each side to fill! Check back tomorrow night to see how the roster continues to unfold.

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7 years ago

can you update this list so we can see who has officially made it and then the order of the people who would make it should people double up?

Reply to  Reed Shimberg
7 years ago

Yes! I plan on organizing like that as the meet unfolds. Tonight was pretty straight forward, so I didn’t get too deep into the chart organization. Thanks guys!!

Justin Thompson
7 years ago

I’m sure they’ll let Coughlin in on the relay, but Pelton I don’t know. Hope she makes it in the 200 or 100 back.

7 years ago

I think there’s 5 priorities, not 4 like you write:
4. The 5th place finishers in 100 & 200 freestyles will earn a berth – if room
5. The 6th place finishers in 100 & 200 freestyles will earn a berth – if room

@Justin: it’s not about USA Swimming LET Coughlin in the relay. The problem is whether there is room for her within maximal 26 female swimmer who will be sent to Barcelona. She can go to Barcelona if and only if:
1. There’s is enough room for her as no. 4 priority (5th position in 100m free) as 4×100 free relay swimmer, and/or
2. She wins or no. 2 in 50m free.

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