Rivard, Meyers, Patterson Set World Records To Open 2018 Para Pan Pacs


Canada’s Aurelie Rivardthe USA’s Becca Meyers and Australia’s Lakeisha Patterson broke their own 400 free world records to highlight day 1 at the 2018 Pan Pacific Para Swimming Championships.

Rivard went 4:29.27, taking about seven tenths of a second off the S10 world record she set back at the 2016 Paralympics. Rivard has already broken the 200 free record this season and should get another shot at it later this week.

Meanwhile Meyers was 4:24.30, shaving about 2.8 seconds from her S12 world record set in May. Meyers would also win the SB12 100 breaststroke in 1:22.12.

And in the S8 class, Patterson – coming off of dual golds at the Commonwealth Games in the shorter freestyles – went 4:39.23 to lower her world mark set at the Rio Olympics.

Six-time 2017 para world champ Daniel Dias won the S5 200 free for Brazil. He was 2:37.10 in that event. In addition, double Commonwealths champ Timothy Disken picked up a win, going 1:11.91 to take the SB8 100 breast. That’s a half-second faster than he went in winning Commonwealths earlier this year. Commonwealths champ Brenden Hall also picked up a win, going 4:16.74 in the S9 400 free.

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Stand down honest, genuine S8s and refuse to race her. Truly abhorrent.


It is not the swimmers job to evaluate another swimmers medical records. It’s up to the IPC classifiers to do this. I have a feeling people are going to be greatly disappointed when she gets retested.


You don’t need medical records. Just open your eyes.


i know what you are saying but with all the evidence that is claimed to exist I have yet to see nothing more than videos of her swimming normal in the water and then limping around like a cripple on the pool deck. I really think there needs to be other swimmers, coaches or others that know her to come forward as witnesses to her cheating.


Some time ago there were videos of her posted on this site. There were her freestyle and backstroke from Australian Championships showing a completely normal left arm and hand function in the water. There were also videos of her taken 3 weeks later during her classification swims in Brazil showing her swimming with a severely palsied left hand and arm in both freestyle and backstroke. These video links have long since been taken down. If this did not constitute evidence of IM then nothing does. There are also multiple photos of her prior to 2014 showing her swimming with a completely normal left hand. The IPC have seen all of this evidence. She will remain an S8 on retesting because… Read more »


And people have come forward and are ignored


Oh my goodness. I am shocked to see these. I don’t understand what this is or how anyone could do something like this and get away with it for so long. The picture of her butterfly stroke is dated 02/2014. I am wondering then, have the IPC seen these?


Yes Kay. They have seen all 10 of these and more.


Ah, well this is just all wrong then. Shame on the IPC. Why would they allow someone to get away with this? It is a pity that they don’t follow sites like this, perhaps they should.


Why do you say?


sadly I dont have much faith in the IPC. They have a conflict of interest in the whole situation cause they will damage their brand if they do the right thing and the Aussies already have lots of fast female S9 and S10s so where are they going to put her?


Out. We lost Victoria Arlen based on video and medical evidence.


NE / IM never to be seen again.
She used to participate in able bodied sport. She should go back to that.


Stories of her competing at karate and also if she didn’t find her way in swimming her next choice was hurdles. Really? There are copious amounts of pics that show her open left hand on google, some athletes have spoken up only to be ignored. If WPC take action against her then this will show everyone that yes they are prepared to do something. Let’s watch her swim in the finals and see what happens. Anyone can have medical documentation to support a claim but this needs to be followed up by WPS by requesting copies of scans etc done to be sent through for an independent neurology review by a doctor of their choice.


I heard the story about the existence of the videos referred to by Fred above were actually brought to the attention of the IPC and all they did was call Australia and have them taken off the internet. I wonder if that is really true.


Allegedly the videos went to the IPC then disappeared almost immediately. Coincidence??


Exactly Sara. The authenticity of these documents is not being verified.


Congratulations Aurelie and Rebecca. An honor and a privilege to watch you represent yourself, your family and the Paralympic movement with honesty and pride.

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