Revolutionary Air Cleaning System Wows Swimmers, Coaches at Tennessee Invitational

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December 04th, 2017 Industry, News

BioOx, a cutting-edge air cleaning system from Air & Water Solutions, made its major competition debut last weekend at the Tennessee Invitational at the University of Tennessee to rave reviews. The system dramatically improved the air quality of the facility, allowing swimmers to compete at peak performance without having to worry about the usual coughing and tearing that accompanies poor air quality. Parents and coaches, who’ve long expressed concerns about the health consequences of swimmers’ sustained exposure to chlorinated pool air, enthusiastically cheered BioOx as a tool with the potential to fundamentally revolutionize the conditions around competitive swimming.

Attendees applauded the comfortable and enjoyable conditions throughout the three-day event. The air was “fresher and cleaner,” according to a UT diver, who added that it felt like a better environment for competition. A swimmer for the University of Denver said the machines greatly helped the issue of air quality, calling the air at the competition “amazing.” In the words of a UNC assistant swim coach, “you can definitely tell the difference in air quality just standing on deck.”

In addition to increased comfort, the BioOx system also brought about major improvements in physical symptoms. A UT athletic supervisor said he’s experienced less eye irritation since BioOx was brought to the facility last month and even noted a decrease in the headaches he often gets from constant exposure to pool air. A Marshall University athletic trainer noticed “a lot less coughing” by his swimmers and commented that “there’s been an improvement in the air quality at this meet for sure.”

The BioOx system is composed of several free-standing units placed around the edge of the pool deck. BioOx media, a patented solution comprised of organic enzymes, is added to each unit along with several gallons of water. The enzymes and water combine to form a solution that neutralizes harmful toxins in the surrounding air. Clean air is then expelled through an in-unit fan. This process creates a Clean Air Zone, which continues to expand the longer the units are in use, that neutralizes harmful toxins and leaves behind crisp, breathable air.

“At Air & Water Solutions, our goal is to improve lives by improving health,” said Sam Sofer, founder of BioOx and a 40-year chemistry and biotechnology veteran. “By providing a healthier swimming environment, we’re not only improving the day-to-day conditions of the sport but also allowing swimmers to increase their productivity and overall happiness with their workouts.”

“For so long, air quality has been the number one issue in the world of competitive swimming,” said Ken Schapiro, director of sales at Air & Water Solutions. “With our system, we’ve dramatically reduced the tearing and coughing that have characterized indoor swimming for generations, and we’re creating a healthier and more enjoyable environment for swimmers to pursue their passion.”

About Air & Water Solutions

At Air & Water Solutions, we’re changing the way people think about the air they breathe. We’re leaving a positive impact on the health of the Earth, and making it a safer, more enjoyable place for the people who live here.

Report courtesy BioOx, a SwimSwam partner. 

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Sir Swimsalot

Fricken finally!


Anyone want to start a list of the Top 10 Swimming Pools that need this the most?


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Cecil Aquatic Center Jacksonville ..only indoor aquatic center in the North Florida area.

Robert Burrows

Cecil has a UV system designed to eliminate chloramines as it disinfects the water. Is the air inside the facility a problem for you?


It’s the worst air quality pool in the southeast, so yes. I don’t even go to meets there anymore. My team is based out of Jax and we travel for every meet in the winter.

Hey John. I’m from Jax too. We used to swim there a lot. I’m curious… Has the air quality gotten worse over the years? I’m only asking cause I didn’t remember it being a problem but my last meet there had to have been at least 6-7 years ago. Do they still leave those big garage-type doors open during the meets? I think having the fresh air sitting just inside or outside of those doors may have made a big difference for us.


Georgia this past weekend

The Dressler

Kingwood Park Highschool, Kingwood TX

Swim Mom

LISD Westside Aquatic Center!!!


Any indoor facility hosting an invite or championship meet should be required to have these machines.

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