Reece Whitley Swims 52.0 100 Breaststroke at Weekend Invite

Braden Keith
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November 06th, 2017 Club, News

USA Swimming National Junior Team member, and Penn Charter School senior, Reece Whitley swam the 3rd-fastest 100 yard breaststroke time of his career over the weekend. Racing at the GPAC Veterans Memorial A/BB/C meet, Whitley won the 100 yard breaststroke in 52.06.

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That’s the fastest time, by far, of his career at a meet that one wouldn’t subjectively consider to be a ‘big championship.’ He’s already gone an in-season best this year – swimming 52.77 in October – and now he’s done it again.

Whitley’s Career-Best Swims (100 Yard Breaststroke):

  1. 51.84 – 2017 Easterns
  2. 52.00 – 2017 NCSA Spring NJr. Nationals
  3. 52.06 – 2017 GPAC Veterans Memorial A/BB/C Meet
  4. 52.35 – 2017 Easterns
  5. 52.56 – 2015 NCAP Invitational

Whitley also swam a 48.23 in the 100 fly on Sunday (he only raced 1 day of the meet in New Jersey).  That 100 fly is a new lifetime best for him, eclipsing the matching 49.40s that he’s swum at the last two UDAC Rocktoberfest meets.

In his two club meets so far this season, ,Whitley still hasn’t raced a 200 yard breaststroke.

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A dad eating c4 went a 22 in the 50free at the same meet

Only a 22?

samuel huntington

wow, great news

Fastest time in the country from what i know, fastest D1 time is a 53.1 i think. Very fast for it being only November and definitely not tapered/rested.

Why definitely? He was right on his best 100 breast and dropped over a second in his fly. He’s still a teenager, sure, so he could just be getting better, but I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if he was a bit rested. Either way, kid’s got a bright future.


Three weeks ago he swam a 52.77 100 breast. It seems more likely that 52’s are what he’s capable of without rest right now, and we’re going to see a 50.x when he tapers.

Ah, that 52.7 is a good point. 51 low or even 50.high this year is possible. I think the only thing holding him back right now is tempo. His distance per stroke is insane. Once he figures out how to hold similar tempos to the other elite breaststrokers, he’s going to be terrifying (I say similar because I don’t think he’ll ever really match tempos achieved by VDB and Peaty, their strokes are just too different and it’s easier for a smaller frame to hit high tempos).


I think you’re right on about the tempo. I think (hope) some of the college strength training will pick that up a bit for him. Like someone else said earlier in the thread, teaching front end speed is a bit easier than teaching back end speed. I think those two things alone have the potential to really push him forward over the next few years.

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