Reece Whitley Swims 52.0 100 Breaststroke at Weekend Invite

Braden Keith
by Braden Keith 21

November 06th, 2017 Club, News

USA Swimming National Junior Team member, and Penn Charter School senior, Reece Whitley swam the 3rd-fastest 100 yard breaststroke time of his career over the weekend. Racing at the GPAC Veterans Memorial A/BB/C meet, Whitley won the 100 yard breaststroke in 52.06.

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That’s the fastest time, by far, of his career at a meet that one wouldn’t subjectively consider to be a ‘big championship.’ He’s already gone an in-season best this year – swimming 52.77 in October – and now he’s done it again.

Whitley’s Career-Best Swims (100 Yard Breaststroke):

  1. 51.84 – 2017 Easterns
  2. 52.00 – 2017 NCSA Spring NJr. Nationals
  3. 52.06 – 2017 GPAC Veterans Memorial A/BB/C Meet
  4. 52.35 – 2017 Easterns
  5. 52.56 – 2015 NCAP Invitational

Whitley also swam a 48.23 in the 100 fly on Sunday (he only raced 1 day of the meet in New Jersey).  That 100 fly is a new lifetime best for him, eclipsing the matching 49.40s that he’s swum at the last two UDAC Rocktoberfest meets.

In his two club meets so far this season, ,Whitley still hasn’t raced a 200 yard breaststroke.

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Obviously he is at a slightly different point in is training versus most NCAA swimmers, but I’m pretty certain that would be the fastest time of the season if he were in college. This guy just keeps on showing he will be a force to be reckoned with (and already is).

Tom from Chicago

Whitley and MA are interesting contrasts. Both are young and great at the 100 breast, but MA is all front-end speed and Whitley is all back-end speed. Whitley is a little like Phelps in the 100 fly; frustratingly far back at the 50, then closes hard. Both guys are going to have a tough time with Martinenghi.


Martinenghi is a competitive swimmer on the senior stage, making his performances as a Junior even more impressive but now all of them are too old for junior competitions so it will be all of them vs the worlds top breastrokers. Whitley being so tall might have something to do with his first 50, it could just take a while for his massive body to get going which is why he’s able to come back so fast and also why his relay splits are crazy fast, since he doesn’t have to go from a flat start. Whitley also has a race strategy that is a bit easier to work with since getting out faster is easier in comparison to building… Read more »


I think it’s interesting that his LCM and SCY times are relatively well matched. Certainly his height and size have not stopped him from quick movement through the shorter pool and additional walls. His LCM time matches up (or at least converts) to a 52 low.


That’s a good point, I was just trying to think of a reason for why he is slower on the front half than many of his other competitors. His pullouts are very good which definitely helps a ton for his short course swims


If you count the amount of strokes he takes vs others, you’ll see why. He only takes about 4-5 strokes per 25 also has to do with his massive kick


I’d imagine it’d be difficult to fit in more strokes per 25 with his 6’10 frame, especially in yards. Off of his dive he nearly hits 20 yards without even taking a stroke.

JP input too short

Remember, though, that Damir Dugonjic was gigantic too, and he was the best short course yards breaststroke sprinter in history until Cordes came along.


Not trying to say I don’t think he’ll be successful, the kid is already a complete monster I was just presenting some ideas I had. Absolutely no reason why Reece can’t be incredible and set records, he’s got all the tools to do some very special things in the next few years


he will do great in just a few years time – we just have to wait and watch . I also love his incredible potential . Great exchange of peespecirve guys . loved it


I think he’ll put up something mega-huge this season. I’m talking 51-low, maybe a bit faster…knock on wood.


With the way he’s been swimming plus his improvement curve over previous years, I think we’re going to see around 50.8-50.9

Right Dude Here

Very fast.

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